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Do I need a spiritual guidance? Motus Christi in Berlin

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Saturday, October 20th, a Motus Christi took place in Berlin. The topic was parting from the gospel quote “Stay with us, it’s nearly evening (Lk 24:29)” asking ourselves: Do I need a spiritual guidance?

Participated quite a few members of the Idente Family but also new students that were interested in the Charism, and especially the before mentioned spirtiual guidance.

The prayer time we did for the first in a meditation room of the parrish since the St. Hedwig’s Cathedral where we usually went for prayer, is closed due to renovation.

The communions provoked in the participants a spiritual opening as a unique occasion to deepen their relationships with Christ.

As always, sharing lives during lunch, left in everyone a feeling of a loving family of brothers and sisters what our founder always transmitted to us.

The Motus ended with the charismatic touch, in which in different ways the same impression of the vivid presence of Christ in each and everyone, was shared and to live the miracle as an answer of the personal effort of openness to the divine.

Come to the WYD of Panama and to the International Motus Christi with the Idente missionaries

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The Idente missionaries and Idente Youth have open registration for all young people who wish to participate with us in the WYD of Panama 2019 (22-27 January 2019) and in the international Motus Christi that will take place the previous days (16 -21 January 2019).

The World Youth Day with Pope Francis in Panama, under the motto of the words of Mary “I am the servant of the Lord, May it be done to me according to your Word” (Lk. 1,38), will be a great Pentecost of the whole universal young Church and the Motus Christi a beautiful opportunity to experience the deep encounter with Christ and to convert our life to the infinite love of the Heavenly Father.

All the information through the facebook of International Idente Youth: @identeyouthIO and of the mail:

Let Christ move your life: Motus Christi International Italy 2018

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From August 5 to 11, 2018, the new edition of the International Motus Christi will take place in Arpino (Italy), organized every year by Idente missionaries in Italy, as an encounter of spirituality aimed at young people from all over the world. On this occasion, under the usual motto “Let Christ set your life in motion”, we will deepen on the words of Christ: “Be holy, as your Heavenly Father is holy” (Mt, 5, 48) taking as a thread the Last Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis “Gaudete et exsultate” on the call to holiness.

Through talks on the Gospel, community and individual prayer, the Eucharist, reflection in groups, monastic work, family life, the enjoyment of the natural environment and artistic expression, we will enjoy the experience of holiness lived in common. The Motus promotes a true encounter with Jesus Christ, through community life, as a way to the heart of the Father, allowing himself to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, who inspires us that holiness is possible and eliminates the obstacles to saying yes to this call of Christ.

The meeting will take place in the Monastery of San Lorenzo, in Arpino (Frosinone, Italy), directed by the Idente missionaries of the Italian province.

As an additional activity to the retreat, the possibility of participating in the meeting of young people with the Pope that will be held on August 11 and 12 in Rome is offered. For more information you can call the Italian telephone: +39 389 875 3969 or write to

An amazing unity. Pentecost Motus Christi, Bad Lautenberg, Alemania.

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Every year for the weekend of Pentecost takes place a Motus Christi in our center St. Benno in Bad Lauterberg, Germany. The participants came from Frankfurt Oder and Berlin. For the first time we also had children participants. The topic of the Motus was the sentence from the gospel: I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me (John 14:6).

The parish priest of Bad Lauterberg, P. Paul Chodor, had invited us beforehand to actively participate in the mass. One of our sisters and two girls helped as altar servants; in the moment of the sermon, one sister read the comment of that Sunday’s gospel from our General Superior Luis Casasus, and we prepared and read the petitions and played some songs during communion.

Sunday evening, we had a barbecue that was followed by a small atheneo with dance and poetry.

In the charismatic touch some expressed their surprised because of the unity and helpfulness with each other during the weekend. Everyone returned to their home with lots of hope to put into action what they’d heard and lived in these days.

Motus Christi of teenagers in Yaoundé

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On Easter Monday, 13 teenagers arrived at the residence. Members of Idente Youth and students of catechesis, lived their first retreat with seriousness and responsibility.

They respected “the fast of the telephone” and they had disposition and great opening. We saw the film of St. Paul, receiving the passionate zeal of the Apostle. Moments in the chapel, songs, conviviality and joy, that’s how the Motus Christi ended.

Our sister Yvette gave a testimony expressing her gratitude towards those who transmitted their faith to her from childhood. Several girls expressed in the charismatic touch, that they had never spent such a charming moment, feeling as a family and with the ability to approach others without prejudice.

We were struck by their openness to each other, without forming groups. For most it was their first retreat and their desire is to repeat the experience.

Motus Christi for children in Constantina (Seville)

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From March 2 to 4, in the monastery of La Victoria de San José, in Constantina (Seville, Spain), a retreat Motus Christi was held for children from 10 to 12 years old, from the parishes of Cádiz and Seville, which have been entrusted to the Idente Missionaries. Two young girls from Cadiz also attended.

The proposed theme was prayer, being taught by the Delegate of Seville, Isabel Orellana Vilches. The missionary sisters of Cádiz prepared some notebooks that contained on their cover some of the points of the orational code of our father Founder, Fernando Rielo. The Delegate of Cádiz, Manoli Blasco Gálvez, has directed several workshops, one of them preparing trisagios, which the group welcomed with special pleasure. Our brother Juan César Ramírez celebrated the masses and administered the sacrament of penance to the attendees.

The different moments of the Motus, such as reflections on the Gospel, communities, prayer and the Eucharist, were combined with games that familiarized them with the Gospel and with the preparation for the artistic Athenaeum. All this has been a great opportunity to live together with the missionary community that lives in the monastery. There always reigned a very beautiful family atmosphere, in which all have shared the monastic tasks with charity and responsibility.

Everyone has gone to their places of origin, taking with them a feeling of gratitude for the experience they have had for the first time of participating in this religious activity, which has allowed them to recognize Christ inside of them, and has inspired them a longing for a deeper living of prayer from now on, that will help them to grow humanly and spiritually. That is the desire they have expressed at the end of the retreat.


“Cristo con nosotros en las tormentas de nuestra vida”. Motus Christi para jóvenes en Bolonia

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Venid a mí todos los que estáis cansados y agobiados, y yo os aliviaré. Tomad mi yugo sobre vosotros y aprended de mí, que soy manso y humilde de corazón; y encontraréis descanso para vuestras almas” (Mt 11, 28-30).

Un saludo delante de Cristo, la lectura del paso del Evangelio antes citado y algunos minutos de silencio: así comenzó el Motus Christi en Bolonia para jóvenes del norte de Italia que se realizó del 24 al 26 de noviembre. El tema central del retiro fue “Mirar la tierra desde el cielo”. Y así fue. En estos dos días de convivencia en los que “más de dos estábamos reunidos en el nombre de Cristo”, nos sentimos verdaderos habitantes del cielo. “Este cielo es mi casa y no quiero irme de aquí nunca más”, decía una joven al terminar el encuentro.

Entre meditaciones, momentos de oración, de convivencia y artísticos, fueron días en los que cada uno se abandonó completamente a Cristo para encontrar, a pesar de sufrimientos y ocupaciones, la paz y el descanso que el Padre, Cristo y el Espíritu Santo nos quieren dar. Otra joven decía “llegué con mi vida en alta turbia, llena de algas, hierbas y muchísimas cosas más. Con Cristo se ha convertido en un mar tranquillo en el cual navegar: este ha sido mi Motus Christi”. Un encuentro lleno de sinceridad juvenil que grita a Cristo, como se decía en la conferencia final: “te amo con todo mi ser. Heme aquí, con todas mis debilidades. Pero te amo, Tú lo sabes”.

El encuentro, al que participaron jóvenes provenientes de Turín y de Bolonia se realizó en el convento de la Observancia, situado en un monte que está a poquísimos minutos del centro de la ciudad, para encontrar el alivio y descanso verdaderos que solo Cristo puede dar. La observancia es un convento del Orden franciscano de los Frailes Menores que fue de gran importancia en el siglo XV, por el que pasaron San Bernardino de Siena, San Antonio de Padua, San Juan de Capistrano y muchos otros.

A weekend of Motus Christi in Peru

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Christ has moved the hearts of the 50 participants at the Motus Christi retreat, held from October 13 to 15 in Lima. We could live an atmosphere of true familiarity and unity
between school and university youth, who are preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation; teachers of the school Our Lady of the Light; and the members of Idente family.

All the themes highlighted the life of prayer: from the awareness about Christ´s search for us, to the response to his love by “living holiness in common”. Group meetings were organized, as well as moments of silent prayer, the daily celebration of the Eucharist; and we had the enormous grace that all the participants had the opportunity to approach the sacrament of reconciliation.

At the end of the Motus Christi, the participants expressed their gratitude for this time of coexistence, silence and prayer lived together with Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit. They all returned renewed, with a new look towards God: an authentic look of God´s children.

Learn to live holiness in common in Yaounde

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It was in the joy of obedience that the idente missionaries, of the province of Cameroon-Yaounde, invited a group of young girls of the university parish Soa to share one weekend at their residence. This “Apostolic Weekend” is in line with Motus Christi usually organized following the spirit our Founder Fernando Rielo and the President of our institution.

The girls arrived on Saturday the 23th with much joy and great desire to profit from what had been prepared for them. It was the first organized in English because most of the participants were Anglophones (From Cameroon and Nigeria).

In the first teaching, Anne our superior, spoke on prayer and to allow ourselves to be loved by God Our Father. One participant’s question was; “until when should we pray for a sick person we feel is not getting well?” she was consoled by the responses given by others to her preoccupation as she learned that the best thing to do is to confide everything in God’s hands. In the evening, we listened to a wonderful testimony given by a missionary Irene on her engagement. Everything continued in a team’s spirit and in a state of prayer.

On Sunday, we attended the English mass at Etoudi. After mass, a film was projected and the film helped to deepen the lesson on prayer and abandoning ourselves and not forgetting the presence of guardian angels to accompany us. The film was titled ” The legend of Bagger Vance” by Robert Redford. During the sharing that followed, they were touched by God’s tenderness and on the importance not to always go back to negative memories of the past. In the afternoon, our sister Yvette made us a beautiful exposure on angels. As our founder thought us, we renewed our engagement to often call on our guardian angels.

We rounded up the apostolic weekend with the charismatic touch, trissage and we took pictures. Joy was present from the beginning to the end.

Motus Christi in Manhatan college

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On a beautiful fall day recently, some 25 university students from all the parishes administered by our Institute in the New York Metropolitan area joined a group of students from Manhattan College for a one-day Motus Christi. The Manhattan College group hosted this retreat on their Bronx campus on Saturday, September 23.

Following a welcome in the morning, the first talk was given by f. Fernando Real, Id. m., who helped the students reflect on the encounter of Jesus with the rich young man. We took time for silent prayer afterwards, followed by the discussion in communities.

A leisurely lunch in the college cafeteria enabled participants and Missionaries to get to know one another better before Yerania Gálvez, Id. m.,  gave the second talk. She showed the students how our relationship with others truly depends on our relationship with the Divine Persons. To nourish this relationship we need continuous prayer, the Gospel and the Eucharist—and to share our spiritual lives.

The day concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist by our brother Fernando, who regularly celebrates a weekly Mass for students on the campus of Manhattan College.

Participants expressed their desire to establish communities to meet regularly, in order to deepen the insights and inspirations received during this Motus Christi.

In the group photo, students, missionaries, and a professor appear around the statue of Saint John Baptiste de la Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, who administer Manhattan College.