“The Father created us for joy”, words of Fr. Jesus Fernandez in Bologna and Busseto (Italy)

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From 1 to 4 February, the communities of idente missionaries, as well as the idente family of Bologna and Busseto, in Italy, had the joy of receiving the apostolic visit of Father Jesus Fernandez, president of the identes missionaries. He was accompanied by the Provincial Superior of Rome, Anna Pedretti.

In Bologna, in addition to the meeting with the brothers and sisters, he held a meeting with a group of sixty people from the Idente family, with whom he spoke for about an hour about the Beatitudes and their importance in the lives of the saints and all Christians.

Then, Father Jesus Fernandez moved to Busseto, where the Identes missionaries have been running the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli for several years. He was also accompanied by the Provincial Superior of Northern Italy, Carmen Timoneda, and by the missionaries Vicente de la Fuente, Maurizio and Letizia Calanchi.

In Busseto, Fr. Jesús presided over the Eucharist. In the afternoon there was a meeting with the Idente Family, in which some women missionaries (Anna and M.Carmen) and man missionaries (Vicente de la Fuente and Daniel Cárdenas) gave a personal testimony of their love for Christ. They shared the experience of their vocation in a very moving way that left in those present the desire to commit themselves more to approach Christ.

Our brother Martin Esguerra appointed Missionary of Mercy by Pope Francis

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Our Holy Father Pope Francis recently appointed our brother Father Martin I. Esguerra, M.Id as a “Missionary of Mercy.”  Father Martin is the English-language Official of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, the Dicastery entrusted with the promotion of the Apostolate of Mercy world-wide for the whole Church.

During the extra-ordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy (2015-2016) the Holy Father nominated priests throughout the world as “missionaries of mercy” giving them the special commission to promote our trust and faith in the Father’s Mercy. He also empowered these priests granting them faculties to absolve certain sins usually reserved to the Apostolic See (meaning only the Holy Father can absolve).

Pope Francis wished to prolong this ministry for the good of the Church even after the Jubilee Year of Mercy ended.  As a result, many dioceses have one or two priests nominated as “missionaries of mercy” who make themselves available for missions, and especially for the celebration of God’s forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

While all the priests of the Dicastery are named as such, prayers are requested for Father Martin, knowing that whenever one promotes the infinite mercy of God, there are forces that try to prevent it.  This new mission requires humility, perseverance and fidelity to the Holy Trinity and to the wishes of the Holy Father and your prayers will certainly sustain him.

(Martin celebrating Mass in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica)

Solidary paella in Granada that “builds” the Church

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On Saturday 23rd February we had a solidarity meal to benefit the construction of the University Parish of Soa (Cameroon).

The meal was attended by more than 100 people and others are collaborating in row zero. We know that the money raised can barely cover the expenses of a small part of the huge construction work that is undertaken to accommodate thousands of people, but this has been one of the many occasions that our Heavenly Father gives us to build links with people and promote the spread of our charism.

Lunch was held in the parish hall of the Church of San Miguel Arcángel in Granada. From the first moment the parish priest, D. Juan Martinez, opened the doors for us and made the facilities available to us. The collaboration did not cease on the part of friends who offered to make the paellas and to bring food, and they even gave us a lamb shoulder to make a raffle.

We facilitated the assistance of the families receiving the children free of charge and after the coffee, the young identes took charge of playing with them in the gardens of the Parish.

The details of our Heavenly Father never ceased. We certainly had to act in faith, because three days earlier only about 50 people had confirmed their attendance and we didn’t know how much food to buy and cook. But as in the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, there were left 12 baskets full, more or less, that we distributed at the end of the event.

The act began with some words of welcome from the Provincial Superior and the blessing of the Parish priest, D. Juan Martinez, who encouraged us to institutionalize this act annually and at the end of the event, moved by the beautiful climate that was created, manifested to her: This is the Church!

During desserts, the Provincial Superior addressed the participants to talk about the mission of Cameroon and our charism, taking advantage of the occasion to invite them to be part of our Idente Family.

During all the time, adults and children, organized by the missionaries and captained by a charming 10-year-old grandson of our brother José Luis Romera, Territorial Delegate, helped to prepare the food trays, set the tables and serve, waking up a big smile in all the assistants.

The following means of communication echoed the event: Odisur (Service for the communication of the Bishops of Southern Spain), the website of the Archdiocese of Granada, and the local radio program Iglesia noticia of COPE radio channel.

The Three Holy Kings came to Berlin

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Saturday, January 5th, we went with a group of voluntaries to two hospitals in Berlin to celebrate the Three Kings there.

We prepared a small ceremony with music in which the kings gave a star to each patient writing the patient‘s name on it. At the same time they told them: „you are the star that we follow, you are our present.“ After the ceremony we had the chance to go to the rooms and bring the same message to patients and medical staff that wasn‘t able to be in the performance.

In total, we visited three departements: dermatology, psychiatry and pediatrics.

Each ceremony had a special and unique atmosphere. One of the patients said: The visit of the three kings helped me more than the visit of 10 doctors.

Everybody, voluntaries, patients, nurses and docotors were surprised and enchanted by the visit of the Holy Three Kings and they are already waiting their return next year.

Preparamos una pequeña ceremonia con música durante la cual los Reyes entregaban a cada paciente una estrella en la que escribían su nombre. Al mismo tiempo les decían: „tú eres la estrella que seguimos, tú eres nuestro regalo“. Después de la representación ante un grupo, pudimos ir por las habitaciones y hacer lo mismo con los pacientes y personal médico que no habían podido estar presentes.

En total, visitamos 3 plantas: dermatología, psiquiatría y pediatría.Cada representación tuvo su toque especial. Un paciente dijo: La visita de los 3 Reyes Magos me ha ayudado más que la visita de 10 médicos.

Todos, voluntarios, pacientes, enfermeras y médicos estaban muy sorprendidos y encantados con la visita de los Reyes Magos, cuya vuelta ya esperan el año que viene.

Traditional Athenaeum of the Idente Family and Idente Youth in Javier (Pamplona, Spain)

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On Sunday, December 16, for another year, in the Diocesan Center of Xavier, the Idente missionaries and the Idente Youth of Javier and Pamplona celebrated the Christmas Athenaeum as a prelude to these festivities, assisted by around 100 people.

This Christmas Athenaeum, around the Birth of the Child Jesus, has become, year after year, an authentic meeting of families, friends of the Idente missionaries of Pamplona, ​​Yesa, Sangüesa and Javier. It is an encounter where friendship is renewed, while enjoying the different performances that the children prepare, led by the missionaries Identes Neema and Neethu, in order to make happy their parents and family.

The act began with the carol song “A Bethlehem in every home” and continued with the representation of the Birth of Jesus, realized by the children of Yesa; then several carols and performances accompanied by the flute, violin and accordion were sung. The protagonists of these activities were the children. Finally, the Ecuadorian colony of Sangüesa sang Christmas carols of their country. It is important to note how a friend of the missionaries Identes, Hipólito Rico, who was not well, made every effort to assist and accompany his grandchildren in the carol which he had rehearsed, so that they could offer chocolate to the Child Jesus. The athenaeum ended with an agape and it was the opportunity to talk among all and renew the friendship that is emerging between all the friends of the Idente community.

The atmosphere of this Christmas afternoon was of great joy and intimacy and was characterized by the simplicity and innocence of the children. While saying goodbye, the people expressed their gratitude for the afternoon so pleasant which they had spent.

Anniversary mass of Fernando Rielo in Zaragoza (Spain)

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On December 4, 2018, the territorial Delegation of Zaragoza of the Idente Missionaries commemorated the fourteenth anniversary of the Passing of our Father Founder.

It was with a Mass in the Chapel of the Virgin, in the Basilica of Pilar de Zaragoza, at 7 pm, being concelebrated by the Superior General of the Missionaries, our dear brother Luis and the Chaplain of the Virgin, D. José Mª Bordetas. The General Secretary, our beloved sister Mª Fernanda, the Missionaries of the Delegation, relatives and other members of the Idente Family and other persons who joined the Eucharistic celebration attended.

As the First Reading of the Mass spoke of the lack of peace, in the homily, the Superior General spoke of the Founder message about being faithful to Christ and living the beatitude of peace, imitating Mary, peace that is not ours but of Christ ; He also recalled that the founders and martyrs are ahead on the path of life as artisans of peace. He wished that Fernando Rielo, before Jesus and Mary, intercede and ask for peace for all of us. He mentioned Pope Francis and his advice to distribute the gifts we have. He remembered Ezequiel, father of the General Secretary and Pedro, godfather of the Superior General, recently deceased, with the desire of consolation for the relatives. He ended up asking that all the faithful believe in peace and promote it.

The Mass ended with a few words from the Chaplain of the Virgin, D. José Mª Bordetas, alluding to our Institution, emphasizing that it was a new form of consecrated life appropriate for the new evangelization.

The commemoration of the memory of the departure of our beloved Founder to eternal life, ended by depositing a bouquet of flowers under the mantle of the Virgin of Pillar, asking for her protection.

Berlin, the 14th transit of our founder.

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In Berlin, we celebrated the 14th transit of our founder, Fernando Rielo, in a familiar atmosphere together with the Idente Family from Berlin, Frankfurt/Oder and Fürstenwalde. Due to the renovation work in the Hedwig’s Cathedral, the Holy Mass took place in the parrish hall. Our friend and priest Arduino Marra celebrated the mass in a loving, joyful and enthusiastic manner. During the homily he focused on the closeness that Fernando Rielo had to the Divine Persons, contemplating everything from the heart of the Father. The anecdote of the Sacra Martirial served as an example to live like him the martyrdom of everyday by living the self abnegation to give yourself to others. Finally, parting from our name, Missionaries Identes, he invited all the people present to be an apostle continually. During the reception, after the eucharistic celebration, we talked about the mystical poetry of Fernando Rielo and showed a short video of the mission in Yaounde which everyone watched with great interest. This celebration, in which we felt the presence of our founder, reminded us again of the necessity to deepen and grow in our consagration with the sacrifice of our life and our reputation.


Cardinal Carlos Osoro presides the Eucharist in Madrid for the 14th anniversary of the Passing of Fernando Rielo

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It’s been already fourteen years since the passing into heaven of Fernando Rielo Pardal, founder of the Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer Missionaries and Idente Missionaries, on December 6, 2004 in New York. Today all over the world, this day is celebrated with joy and gratitude, celebrating Thanksgiving masses for the life of Fernando Rielo, as well as commemorative events about his work.

As could not have been otherwise, in the Crypt of the Cathedral of La Almudena in Madrid, where his remains rest, a Eucharist was celebrated that was presided over by the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, His Grace Carlos Osoro, and concelebrated by several priests friends of the institution and idente priests from various parts of Spain.

With this motive, idente missionaries from all over Spain gathered together with friends, family members and Idente family members to this celebration in which the Cardinal of Madrid thanked the work of Fernando Rielo as well as reminding his children of the mission they have inherited and that they must move forward for the good of the whole Church.

At the end of the Eucharist, both the celebrants and the audience went to the chapel where rest the remains of our Father Founder to pray a response. The scene was of a great solemnity when seeing in procession more than twelve priests presided by Cardinal Osoro and followed by all the assistants who after receiving the blessing recited the trisagio idente.

Before leaving D. Carlos agreed to a small interview in which he was asked about the contribution of Fernando Rielo and his words were:

“I believe that he does not have something, he has a lot to say, because his own mysticism, everything that he talks about … today we need that mysticism, which is what God gives in the encounter with Him, makes us leave ourselves and makes us be artists in life and poets of life; who are not beings that do not do anything in life, on the contrary, we give what this world needs. Because what this world needs most is art, it is sensitivity, it is knowing how to reach the heart. Poets and artists always reached the hearts of men. Today we marvel at their works; be pictorial, sculptural, be literary, we marvel because they continue to touch our hearts in their works despite the centuries that have passed or the years that have passed. It seems to me that Fernando Rielo has to say a lot because he in his writings, in his own personal life, in the very institution that he has made, he does not want simple strollers on this earth, he wants mystics to walk. Men and women who are able to give a face to God with their lives. ”

After the Eucharistic celebration and visit to the tomb of Fernando Rielo, an agape was offered in the facilities of the Information Office of the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, during which the coexistence was enjoyed and a video was projected about one of the idente missions: the reconstruction of the Monastery of Santa Cruz (Tenerife), and then were heard the testimonies of three idente missionaries who resided there in the years of splendor of that place so emblematic for the Idente Institution and that were formed by Fernando Rielo. In order of intervention: Fr. José Mª López, Juana Sánchez-Gey and Fr. José Mª Sierra.

Nave central de la cripta llena de asistentes a la misa

Procesión de inicio de la Eucaristía

Procesión de entrada

Liturgia de la Palabra – Alexis Gaona, misionero idente

Liturgia de la Palabra – Belén Carreras, misionera idente

D. Carlos Osoro, cardenal arzobispo de Madrid, durante su homilía

Oración de los fieles por parte de Akemi Ponce, misionera idente

Oración de los fieles por parte de Felipe Roca, misionero idente

Momento del ofertorio realizado por varias misioneras identes de India

Durante la celebración eucarística.

Uno de los momentos de la celebración.

Nave central de la Cripta de La Almudena durante la misa

Momento en que el P. José María López Sevillano agradece al Cardenal D. Carlos Osoro

Sacerdotes asistentes ante la tumba de Fernando Rielo

D. Carlos Osoro, rezando un responso ante la tumba de Fernando Rielo

D. Carlos Osoro, rezando un responso ante la tumba de Fernando Rielo

Asistentes rezando el trisagio idente ante la tumba de Fernando Rielo

Entrevista a D. Carlos Osoro

Parte de los asistentes al ágape en la UTPL (Madrid)

Momento del testimonio de misioneros identes; al micrófono P. José Mª López

Testimonio de Juana Sánchez-Gey, misionera idente

Testimonio del P. José Mª Sierra, misionero Idente

Ecumenic encounter in Görlitz, Germany

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During the weekend 27th/28th of October 2018, an ecumenical encounter of prayer took place in Görlitz, Saxony, in the eastern part of Germany. This occured due to the invitation of our friend Ludwig, director of the Youth ministry of the protestant church in that area, who had participated with a group of young adults in our Pilgrimage to Santiago in 2017. The aim of this meeting was to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Grave in Görlitz which is a reproduction from 1504 of the original in Jerusalem.

Besides ourselves Idente Missionaries and Ludwig, also participated Janet(responsable of the protestant cultural foundation of Görlitz), Marko (Catholic Youth Minister of the diocesis of Görlitz), Theresa (cantor in the protestant region of Schlesische Oberlausitz), Sebastian (responsable for the protestant youth int in the region Hoyerswerda), Uli (Protestant Youth Minister in Görlitz), 2 participants of the St. James way in 2017 and one young woman from Görlitz.

On Saturday, we all pilgrimaged the the grave. There the responsable gave an explanation fo the place and the sympols that adorn it. Finally, we prayed together in the chapel of the grave which is called ‘Holy Cross’. Later, after the typical Kaffee-Kuchen (coffe and cake), there was an exchange of experiences in the development of the Youth Ministry in the different churches and possible forms of improvement. We also talked about creating ways to work together and also to widen the ecumenic circle of participation churches. There was also a talk given by us Idente Missionaries about sanctity.

Then we celebrated the Protestant liturgy, had dinner together and finished the day with a walk through the town.

The next day, Sunday, we assisted the mass in the church St. James, which is the Bishop’s church. Afterwards, we were offered a tour through the church.

After lunch all groups returned to there homes mit the hope and desire having started something beautiful and important.

Do I need a spiritual guidance? Motus Christi in Berlin

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Saturday, October 20th, a Motus Christi took place in Berlin. The topic was parting from the gospel quote “Stay with us, it’s nearly evening (Lk 24:29)” asking ourselves: Do I need a spiritual guidance?

Participated quite a few members of the Idente Family but also new students that were interested in the Charism, and especially the before mentioned spirtiual guidance.

The prayer time we did for the first in a meditation room of the parrish since the St. Hedwig’s Cathedral where we usually went for prayer, is closed due to renovation.

The communions provoked in the participants a spiritual opening as a unique occasion to deepen their relationships with Christ.

As always, sharing lives during lunch, left in everyone a feeling of a loving family of brothers and sisters what our founder always transmitted to us.

The Motus ended with the charismatic touch, in which in different ways the same impression of the vivid presence of Christ in each and everyone, was shared and to live the miracle as an answer of the personal effort of openness to the divine.