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The young people of St-Pierre de Montmartre (Paris): confined but connected to Christ

By 6 May, 2020January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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Since the beginning of the confinement, the children and young people of the parish of Saint Peter of Montmartre have continued the catechism and the chaplaincy with joy and enthusiasm. They form and pray together, meeting regularly thanks to the various means of communication: email, Skype, telephone? and the YouTube channel! The catechists, parents and Idente missionaries use a lot of imagination so that all remain in contact with the parish, but above all with their Elder Brother Christ. Baptisms, first communions and confirmations are postponed, but the preparation continues for children and teenagers who are eager to find their way back to church!
You can take advantage of the teachings they receive by visiting the parish site :

Chaplaincy live Sr Pierre de Montmartre :

KT live St Pierre de Montmartre :