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‘Healing migrants to heal the world’, international seminar in Rome

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An international seminar organized by the Global Forum on Health and Migration will take place at the Pontifical Lateran University (Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano, 4. Rome) on 4 and 5 March under the theme “Healing migrants to heal the world: future scenarios for peace-building”. The objective is to identify intervention scenarios to guarantee the migrant’s right to health and the influence of this on world peace.

The event will bring together political and academic leaders from Europe, the United States, Mexico and Ecuador. Among them are Enrico Letta, former Italian Prime Minister and current Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA); Richard Mollica, Director of the Harvard Refugee Trauma Program; Maurizio Marceca, President of the Italian Society of Migration Medicine; Luigi Janiri, psychiatrist and professor at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; Vincenzo Buonomo, Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University; Emilio Baños, Rector of UPAEP (Puebla, Mexico); Emanuele Caroppo, General Secretary of the Hera Research Centre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and Fulvio Giardina, President of the National Council of the College of Psychologists.

The seminar will deal with topics such as the role of the Global Forum in the global agenda on migration; health and migration prospects in the various continents; Ius Migrandi and Health; Family and health in migration; Doctors for migration: present and future scenarios and post-traumatic stress disorder and migration.

Within the framework of the conference, the documentary film “Los sin voz”, by Catherine MacGilvray, will be released. It narrates the tragic migratory history of the Salvadoran people of Long Island (NY), where they are the largest community.

The Global Health Forum is an open discussion platform on migration, the physical and mental health of migrants, public health, emergency relief and related social, political and economic issues. Its aim is to create an international network that studies all aspects of migration from a multidisciplinary approach. It is composed of the Università del Sacro Cuore in Rome, the Rielo Institute for Integral Development, the Agenzia di Ricerche e Legislazione (AREL), the University of Cuenca (Ecuador), the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (Messico) and the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador.

Admission is free, but registration is required at

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Motus Christi and WYD Panama: Say yes to Christ right now

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Mary has been the great protagonist of this beautiful adventure of the Motus Christi and the WYD of Panama, which had as its motto “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word”. The village of Mary is called the retreat house of Capira, 75 km to the west, where we celebrate the Motus Christi, and the “let it be done to me according to your word” centered the catechesis and the words of the Holy Father during the whole WYD, besides singing it to satiety in the beautiful hymn of this 34th World Youth Day.

The miracle of bringing a large group of young people, dreamt of by our president, Fr. Jesús Fernández, and by our superiors general, Fr. Luis Casasús and María del Carmen García, took place. There were 75 young people from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, France and Mexico, accompanied by eleven women and men missionaries.

The international Motus took place in the town of Capira, 75 km (about two hours by bus) east of Panama City, with the arrival of all the groups on the evening of January 16. Already from the joyful meeting at the airport of Tocumen one could perceive the beautiful family atmosphere that we would live from the first day at the Motus.

Not only was the house of the Magnificat community a place of recollection and silence, but the very structure and spirit of the Motus introduced all the young people in that environment, even the most unaccustomed to it. They discovered with surprise that holiness is possible and that living it in community is the most beautiful and fruitful way. In this sense, the testimonies of several brothers and sisters, professed and probantes, were moments of great emotion for the young people when they saw how there is no prototype of saint, nor ideal circumstances, but Christ calls us all in the most unsuspected situations.

It has been a moment of grace, of much grace, which has touched everyone. Five days that seemed to us like a little bit of eternal life, of heaven in this world. In their different moments: talks, personal prayer, communities, meals, the athenaeum, we breathed an atmosphere of communion and service that invited us to fly much higher and to feel the presence of God in each one of us.

This atmosphere of family and fraternal life has surprised them so much, that it has helped even the most reserved, to open up and to look for us brothers and sisters to talk about their life, their dreams and their love for Christ.

The charismatic touch, where many expressed their decision to follow Christ with all the consequences, was a beautiful finishing touch. As an example, one of the young people said something that illustrates the common feeling of the participants: “Before coming to WYD I had certain projects, ideas, intentions of how to pass this experience, but now, after having lived these days of the Motus, I think that the trip was worthwhile only for the Motus.

With a certain sadness for leaving the place and for finishing such an intense experience, on Monday the 21st in the morning we left for the city of Panama, since the following day the WYD was already beginning. The WYD organization had recently informed us that our group would be housed in the Parish of Christ the Son of God, in the neighborhood of Samaria, where each pilgrim would be living in a family. Although at the beginning we thought it would have been better to have the whole group together, housed in a school or in the halls of the parish, we soon realized that living with families was a beautiful opportunity to get to know the Panamanian people from within, and to understand their profound religiosity and their spontaneous kindness and joy.

On the other hand, Providence wanted us to be in a neighborhood, Samaria, with many needs and deficiencies, to know not only the tourist side of the city, but the reality in which many Panamanians live. The poverty, the lack of health in the streets and in the houses, and the marginalization were evident, but it was compensated by the great joy and affection with which each family welcomed us. They gave us what they did not have, in the purest evangelical style. We could not be less: we decided to assume these circumstances as a moment of mission, and to share with our adoptive families all the richness received in the Motus.

The fruits were not long in coming. The generosity and faith of the Panamanians made us feel like one more of their families, creating strong bonds that we all yearn to remain. And all this in spite of the fact that we spent most of the day outside and the moments of living together were limited to nights and mornings at breakfast.

One of the young participants said that for him it had been a formative experience, because he had seen the kindness and attention of the host families and because he had learned to value more what he had, to be more helpful and more attentive to the needs of those at home.

From the 23rd to the 28th the day was full with the activities programmed by WYD, in the morning and in the afternoon. Apart from the participation in the different acts of WYD and the attention to the stand of the ‘vocational fair’, the day went by moving between the stages of the acts, in a week of intense humid heat, more than normal according to the Panamanians themselves. In short, hours of walking almost always in the sun, hours of waiting before the beginning of the acts also in the sun, hours of transport and waiting in the subway…

We were truly pilgrims within the city, living everything with supernatural joy, like the rest of the thousands of young people who were there. It was also surprising how Pope Francis, in his demanding and tender words to the young people, said several things that had somehow appeared in the Motus: overcoming comfort and conformism; living the unconditional love of the Father; living the now of God and not the meantime; and walking after Christ without stopping, risking everything like Mary.

After the Mass celebrated by the Pope on Sunday 28th, the afternoon was left free so that each one could share with the family that welcomed him, and also this time was very beautiful for everyone.

Contemplating now this strong human and spiritual experience, it is evident that the participation in WYD was certainly not to ‘see the Pope’, as a spectacle, which we would surely have seen better from the television at home, but to live together with Peter, the Vicar of Christ, a pilgrimage to Christ, with Mary, to live this great Pentecost together with the whole universal church, gathered around its pastor.

Another gift from Providence was the ‘casual’ meeting at the airport with Archbishop of Panama, José Domingo Ulloa. It was the same day that we all went home, on Tuesday, January 29, thus fulfilling the wish of our president, Fr. Jesus Fernandez, that we could greet him, something really difficult during the days with the Pope. It is clear that for Christ nothing is impossible. As we approached him, Monsignor Ulloa immediately identified us by the t-shirt we were wearing, with the word “identes” in large, and he transmitted to us the great need that Panamanian university students have for our charism.

Now in each place the women and men missionaries must be attentive to the young people who participated in WYD so that the fire that shone there does not go out, but, as Pope Francis said, the young people make decisions ‘now’, not for later, and that they say ‘yes’ like Mary to the will of God.

The Spanish politician Rocío López visits the idente mission of Yaounde and gives the conference “The Christians in public life”

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On Sunday December 23, at the Catholic University Center of the S. Peter and S. Paul Parish Soa, a conference was held with the Doctor of Law, Miss Rocío López González, deputy of the Spanish Congress of Deputies in the X Legislature, she was the former Director of the Foundation in the Spanish Ministry of Justice; “Pluralism and Religions”, and she was in a private visit in Yaoundé. The assistants were students in the faculties of Law, Economics and Political Science of the University of Yaoundé II Soa.

The theme was, “The Christian in public life and ethics in politics.” She pointed out four important points:

  1. Honesty, a sense of responsibility and above all, the effective use of public funds.
  2. Special sensitivity towards the most disadvantaged when making decisions, saving measures, etc.
  3. Defend life, family, human dignity.

The ideology of gender, relativism,… are based on false anthropologies that start from the denial of God.

It has been demonstrated that the family constitutes a means of protection against poverty, hence the importance of its defense.

  1. Know how to defend the Christian principles even if it is against positions of your own party.

It is fundamental to respect human dignity and the common good.

He remembered St Thomas Moro, patron of politicians, an example of fidelity to Christian principles, with the price of his political career and his life.

The participants asked some questions and the speaker answered and shared personal experiences, indicating the importance of Sunday Mass and prayer for their personal and professional life. She encouraged participation in the World Youth Parliament proposed by Fernando Rielo, as a means of expression and dialogue.

The young people received the touch of hope with respect to ethics in politics, they felt honored with this visit. We thank Rocío for this testimony.

Ninety idente pilgrims in the Motus Christi and WYD of Panama

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With enormous effort and great doses of apostolic creativity, our brothers and sisters from the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and France have made possible the great dream of being able to form a large group of young people who will participate in the Motus Christi International and the World Youth Day in Panama.

The Motus Christi will take place from January 17-20 in a beautiful retreat house called Aldea de Maria, which is in Capira, 75 km west of Panama City and belongs to the district of Panama. The place has the beautiful sign of being the seat of the Magnificat Community, founded under the spirituality of Medjugorje. Therefore, Mary will be the great protector of the whole retreat that will take place there. Probably, one will participate in some of the activities that the parishes of the place have planned within the so-called Days of the Diocese, which are always attached to each WYD. At the same time, the young people from the town of Capira have been invited, so it is hoped that some of them will participate.

From the 21st to the 28th of January they will be in Panama City to participate in all the programming of this 34th World Youth Day, which will be presided over by Pope Francis. Once again Mary will be the great protagonist of our stay in Panama since this WYD is celebrated under the motto “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word”.

The graces have not ceased to fall throughout this journey of preparation for WYD and now in its execution since it has been achieved that all the idente group is housed in the same parish of Panama, which bears the providential name of  “Christ the Son of God”. There we will all be housed in families, who are waiting for us with open arms. Quite a luxury for a WYD.

We count on the unity and the intense prayer of all the great idente family distributed throughout the world for the fruits, surely unsuspected, that Providence has reserved for all this idente pilgrimage, both those who are in Panama and those who will live it mystically from every corner of the world.

There will be a great coverage of WYD in the social networks of Idente Youth and Idente missionaries. The hashtag for all of us to spread to the maximum this beautiful event of the Church will be #JMJidente2019

Traditional Athenaeum of the Idente Family and Idente Youth in Javier (Pamplona, Spain)

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On Sunday, December 16, for another year, in the Diocesan Center of Xavier, the Idente missionaries and the Idente Youth of Javier and Pamplona celebrated the Christmas Athenaeum as a prelude to these festivities, assisted by around 100 people.

This Christmas Athenaeum, around the Birth of the Child Jesus, has become, year after year, an authentic meeting of families, friends of the Idente missionaries of Pamplona, ​​Yesa, Sangüesa and Javier. It is an encounter where friendship is renewed, while enjoying the different performances that the children prepare, led by the missionaries Identes Neema and Neethu, in order to make happy their parents and family.

The act began with the carol song “A Bethlehem in every home” and continued with the representation of the Birth of Jesus, realized by the children of Yesa; then several carols and performances accompanied by the flute, violin and accordion were sung. The protagonists of these activities were the children. Finally, the Ecuadorian colony of Sangüesa sang Christmas carols of their country. It is important to note how a friend of the missionaries Identes, Hipólito Rico, who was not well, made every effort to assist and accompany his grandchildren in the carol which he had rehearsed, so that they could offer chocolate to the Child Jesus. The athenaeum ended with an agape and it was the opportunity to talk among all and renew the friendship that is emerging between all the friends of the Idente community.

The atmosphere of this Christmas afternoon was of great joy and intimacy and was characterized by the simplicity and innocence of the children. While saying goodbye, the people expressed their gratitude for the afternoon so pleasant which they had spent.

Interview with Cardinal Osoro about the person and work of Fernando Rielo, Founder of the Idente Missionaries

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The Cardinal of Madrid, D. Carlos Osoro, speaks in this brief interview about the person and work of Fernando Rielo, Founder of the Idente Missionaries, and the importance of his charism in the contemporary world. The interview was carried out after the Mass that Cardinal Osoro himself presided over in the crypt of the Cathedral of La Almudena in Madrid on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of Fernando Rielo’s Passing. This celebration was held on December 6, 2018.

Anniversary mass of Fernando Rielo in Zaragoza (Spain)

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On December 4, 2018, the territorial Delegation of Zaragoza of the Idente Missionaries commemorated the fourteenth anniversary of the Passing of our Father Founder.

It was with a Mass in the Chapel of the Virgin, in the Basilica of Pilar de Zaragoza, at 7 pm, being concelebrated by the Superior General of the Missionaries, our dear brother Luis and the Chaplain of the Virgin, D. José Mª Bordetas. The General Secretary, our beloved sister Mª Fernanda, the Missionaries of the Delegation, relatives and other members of the Idente Family and other persons who joined the Eucharistic celebration attended.

As the First Reading of the Mass spoke of the lack of peace, in the homily, the Superior General spoke of the Founder message about being faithful to Christ and living the beatitude of peace, imitating Mary, peace that is not ours but of Christ ; He also recalled that the founders and martyrs are ahead on the path of life as artisans of peace. He wished that Fernando Rielo, before Jesus and Mary, intercede and ask for peace for all of us. He mentioned Pope Francis and his advice to distribute the gifts we have. He remembered Ezequiel, father of the General Secretary and Pedro, godfather of the Superior General, recently deceased, with the desire of consolation for the relatives. He ended up asking that all the faithful believe in peace and promote it.

The Mass ended with a few words from the Chaplain of the Virgin, D. José Mª Bordetas, alluding to our Institution, emphasizing that it was a new form of consecrated life appropriate for the new evangelization.

The commemoration of the memory of the departure of our beloved Founder to eternal life, ended by depositing a bouquet of flowers under the mantle of the Virgin of Pillar, asking for her protection.