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Holy Week in the Parishes of St. Augustine and St. Bridget in the Balearic Islands (Spain)

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This year’s Holy Week began in the Parishes of St. Augustine and St. Bridget in the Balearic Islands (Spain), administered by the Idente missionaries, with processions of Palm trees in which the children participated along with their parents and other adults.

On Holy Thursday we celebrated the Lord’s Supper with the Washing of Feet and Prayer in front of the Holy House. During the morning of Good Friday we had a small participation of the children of both parishes to celebrate with them in the parish of Santa Brígida and for the first time, a very special Way of the Cross. In this way it was made easier for the adults to follow with solemnity and recollection their time of adoration in front of the Holy House.

In the afternoon, the activity began with a brief reflection on the Seven Words, followed by the celebration of the Passion and Adoration of the Cross. Both parishes gathered on Holy Saturday in San Agustín to celebrate the great Easter Vigil and continued on Sunday with the usual Eucharistic celebrations. Everything to be able to live with great joy and joy the Resurrection of Christ.

Children, young people and adults receive the sacraments at the Easter Vigil in our parishes on Long Island and Bronx (NY)

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 After a year of spiritual preparation, students throughout our Idente parishes joyfully received the holy sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation on April 20 during Holy Saturday of the Easter Vigil. This included kids, teens, and adults from our Long Island churches: Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead and St. Luke’s in Brentwood, where for the first time two young adults with disabilities were given their First Holy Communion. Likewise, the sacraments were celebrated at our churches in the Bronx: Our Lady of Solace and St. Dominic’s.

Families came together in great numbers to share in this great celebration of union with our Heavenly Father. With gladness in our hearts, we rejoice in gratitude for the wonderful gifts conferred on them this Easter season and we look forward to celebrate the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation with more of our students next month.

Meeting of the Yaoundé Idente Family with Fr. Luis Casasús

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On Sunday April 14, the visit of the Superior General of missionary idents, Fr. Luis Casasús was crowned by a meeting with the Idente Family of Yaoundé.

He shared with us intimate moments  he lived  with our Father Founder. There from, we could better understand the importance of apostolate, and that work, study, all our activity, is a means to find new people, accompany them and transmit the best we have. The Provincial Superiors addressed him  words of farewell and gratitude.

It has impelled us to live the apostolate on a daily basis and we thank him  for his  visit  which  transmits us the peace of Christ.

Fr. Luis Casasús carries out two Motus Christi in Cameroon for more than 130 young university students in Soa (Cameroon)

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Two Motus Christi took place at the S. Peters and S. Paul’s  university parish SOA, one on  April 4th  and the other on April 10th. The talks were given by the Superior General of the Idente missionaries, Father Luis Casasús and by the Provincial Superior of the missionaries, Anne Daban. In total, more than 130 young people where present.

The themes were on prayer and they  invited us  to be aware that the Holy Spirit is the one who always takes the first initiative in prayer. Then they presented some psychological defense mechanisms like; justification, projection, which prevents our convertion … and the importance of discovering every day the face of the person that God presents to us so that we can take care of him or her.

The superiors equally emphasized on the importance of  apostolic mission saying that the best service we can render is in sharing the best of my life with others, that is, my experience with  God.

There were beautiful testimonies about trust in Christ, who always listens to us and about the strength of prayer, which is always effective. The program previewed  conferences, personal prayer, confessions, communities, lunch all together, two testimonies, charismatic touch and final Eucharistic Celebration.

New communities are being created to allow the grace received to be lasting and growing.

Solidarity artistic meeting in Palma de Mallorca

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The Parish of San Agustín in Palma de Mallorca, in support of the University Parish of Soa, in Yaoundé (Cameroon) organize this meeting to collaborate in the continuity of the construction of this parish that spiritually attends to thousands of young university students who keep their faith alive in spite of the material deficiencies that they must overcome daily. We count on your support!


Fr. Jesus Fernandez’s visit to New York

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At the end of February of this year, we received Fr. Jesus Fernandez President of our community, with the same strong and hopeful spirit with which the apostle St. Paul manifested in the various walks, visits and trips he made to the diverse Christian communities. In turn, the president spent these few days with great apostolic fervor with all the Idente sisters and brothers of New York.

This meaningful step in our mission of New York has signified, under various important meetings, the development and expansion of our Institution. One of these meetings has been with Dr. Manuel Trujillo, a psychiatrist, for the initiation of a symposium in psychiatry, psychology and spirituality in Manhattan.

Another Project with great relevance is the re-initiation of the society of “Friends of Fernando Rielo”, formerly active during the 80’s in the United States. This past month, Annalisa Saccà, a professor at St. John’s University, along with Dr. José María López Sevillano and other friends, have implemented the first session of proposals for the study of Fernando Rielo’s thought, the organization of conferences, and outings, as well as discuss ways to promote the society in other cities.

Finally, was the encounter with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, in his visit to our parish of the Bronx, which included visiting the Magi Residence of the Idente sisters, the common residence of the Idente brothers, and the Faith Formation Center. Idente sisters and brothers had lunch with the cardinal, who with great affection, joy and tenderness demonstrated his support and joy for the work carried out in the Archdioceses.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” (Mt. 18:20)

Spiritual renewal and fraternal convivience during the visit to Chile of the President of the Id Institute and of the Superior General

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The Province of Chile had the joy of receiving the visit of our President and Superior General from March 8-19, 2019, being days of true joy and grace for our Province.

On the 9th, our Superior General gave a spiritual lesson in which she referred to the living of fidelity in our vocation, telling us that it is time to accept the vocation that the Father gives me, it is the “right hour to obey him”. He also spoke to us about charity, which is the bond that betrothals us to the Father, which is that of perfect love, which constitutes our bond, which goes to eternal life. He told us that charity is the bond that unites all missionaries. Ontologically necessary unity, as our Father and Founder taught us.

Later our president greeted us and encouraged us to have confidence in Christ and to believe in His power, as well as to do always the maximum within our possibilities, knowing that Christ will do the impossible. He also spoke of gratitude to the Father for all we receive. He did exhort us to be teachers in leading others to fall in love with Christ.

On the 12th our president and superior general visited the idente missionaries of Valdivia, where a Eucharist was celebrated which was attended by young people and members of the idente family. The words of our President centered on the authentic experience of love for the Father, left to all present the desire to be his worthy children.

On Saturday, March 16, in Santiago, we had a great meeting with missionaries and Idente Family from Chile. Our Superior General gave a lecture on the Immaculate Conception of Mary, in which she made a historical journey of the popular feeling of love for Mary, from the first communities to the present day. She explained to us the meaning of this dogma, confirmed by Mary in her apparition at Lourdes, verifying Peter’s chair and the “sensus fidei” that already made the people of God understand that she was Immaculate from her conception.

Then we had a Eucharist presided over by our president, in the homily he spoke to us about St. Joseph, telling us about his “greatness”, model for young people, and how our father and founder, Fernando Rielo, taught us to live in the Institution as an “adorable family of brothers”, telling him “dedicate yourself to your brothers ‘at least’ as your parents (family of thirteen children) devoted themselves to you and your brothers”.

Then we had lunch, where the endearing family spirit that builds us so much was manifested. At the end we showed videos of our missions in Cameroon and Thailand, and also about the project of the restoration of the monastery of the Holy Cross.
During the visit, our president announced the appointment of the new provincial superior of Chile, our sister María Teresa Otón, leaving her post our sister Pilar Jaume, who has been assigned to her new mission in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, being the latter her native land.

We thank the Father for these beautiful days, especially in our daily life together, which have increased our faith and our vocation. This visit is framed in such a delicate moment for the Church of Chile. As María del Carmen García, our superior general, told us, in these times when the Church of Chile appears naked before the world, each one of us must cover it with the sanctity of our lives.

Feeling like children and continuous prayer, the keys given by the President of the Id Institute in Bogota

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During a brief but intense visit, Father Jesús Fernández Hernández, President of the Identes missionaries, and María del Carmen García Viyuela, Superior General of the Identes missionaries, visited Colombia on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March.

In all the encounters and moments of coexistence they transmitted with excitement the joy to know we are loved by the Heavenly Father and the need to live in a state of continuous prayer. In this way, it is possible to avoid the usual dispersion in which people live and we can go inside ourselves and meet Christ.

Father Jesus had the opportunity to address an Idente family group with whom he shared some endearing moments, encouraging everyone to let themselves be touched by Christ.

To conclude his visit, on Sunday, March 31, he celebrated Holy Mass in the parish of Our Lady of Pilar, administered by the idente missionaries. The homily surprised most of the people for the strength with which he spoke of the need to love the Father. After Mass one of the little altar girls innocently told Father Jesus that she had dreamt of Jesus and asked him if that was possible, to which he said yes. This little girl’s joy at our president’s answer touched everyone.

Both the President and the Superior General taught us by their example to be tireless apostles and to wear ourselves out for announcing the Kingdom of God.

Fr. Luis Casasús meets the Idente Youth of Yaoundé (Cameroon)

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On Wednesday, April 3, the Superior General of the Idente missionaries, Fr. Luis Casasús, visited the youth group at Etoudi, in Yaoundé (Cameroon).

He asked what is important in Lent: to reflect on my relationship with our Father, as Christ did in the desert. He spoke of a young woman whom he had met through a teacher of Idente Youth, with drug problems, and whom he had encouraged to discover how God speaks to him through the lives of those around him. Thus, she, who had no interest in continuing to live, discovered that her younger sister was beginning with the same problems and decided to take care of her. In this way she gained her confidence and regained an interest in life. With this example, she gave us the strength and enthusiasm to take care of the people around us in the first place.

This is a clear example of the healing effect of ecstasy as our Founder Fernando Rielo teaches us.

After the meeting, each group continued to prepare the closing show that will take place at the end of the year.