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Motus Christi in Thai: The language of union with God is universal

By 20 August, 2020January 1st, 2023No Comments
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“Thank you all; I was very impressed. It’s true, the meek of heart are truly strong, courageous, self-sacrificing and patient people.” This is one of the testimonies of an assistant to our Sunday meetings.
Since 17 May, the Motus Christi in Thai has touched the hearts of older and younger people in different parts of Thailand, whom we have met regularly in this virtual environment. Together we have been nourished and together we are growing as we share our experiences, reflections and desires to grow in the knowledge and love to our Heavenly Father.
Spiritually united to the Motus Christi celebrated in other countries, we share this universal language which is that of our life with the Holy Trinity, where we all understand each other, beyond cultures and languages. Because… Christ moves us.
Among so many graces, we could feel the trust and faith of the participants shared with all through their touch:
– “We received the encouragement and strength of the Gospel”
– Love is the offering of our lives, but many times we do not realize that we have received love first from God.