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The Spanish politician Rocío López visits the idente mission of Yaounde and gives the conference “The Christians in public life”

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On Sunday December 23, at the Catholic University Center of the S. Peter and S. Paul Parish Soa, a conference was held with the Doctor of Law, Miss Rocío López González, deputy of the Spanish Congress of Deputies in the X Legislature, she was the former Director of the Foundation in the Spanish Ministry of Justice; “Pluralism and Religions”, and she was in a private visit in Yaoundé. The assistants were students in the faculties of Law, Economics and Political Science of the University of Yaoundé II Soa.

The theme was, “The Christian in public life and ethics in politics.” She pointed out four important points:

  1. Honesty, a sense of responsibility and above all, the effective use of public funds.
  2. Special sensitivity towards the most disadvantaged when making decisions, saving measures, etc.
  3. Defend life, family, human dignity.

The ideology of gender, relativism,… are based on false anthropologies that start from the denial of God.

It has been demonstrated that the family constitutes a means of protection against poverty, hence the importance of its defense.

  1. Know how to defend the Christian principles even if it is against positions of your own party.

It is fundamental to respect human dignity and the common good.

He remembered St Thomas Moro, patron of politicians, an example of fidelity to Christian principles, with the price of his political career and his life.

The participants asked some questions and the speaker answered and shared personal experiences, indicating the importance of Sunday Mass and prayer for their personal and professional life. She encouraged participation in the World Youth Parliament proposed by Fernando Rielo, as a means of expression and dialogue.

The young people received the touch of hope with respect to ethics in politics, they felt honored with this visit. We thank Rocío for this testimony.

Ninety idente pilgrims in the Motus Christi and WYD of Panama

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With enormous effort and great doses of apostolic creativity, our brothers and sisters from the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and France have made possible the great dream of being able to form a large group of young people who will participate in the Motus Christi International and the World Youth Day in Panama.

The Motus Christi will take place from January 17-20 in a beautiful retreat house called Aldea de Maria, which is in Capira, 75 km west of Panama City and belongs to the district of Panama. The place has the beautiful sign of being the seat of the Magnificat Community, founded under the spirituality of Medjugorje. Therefore, Mary will be the great protector of the whole retreat that will take place there. Probably, one will participate in some of the activities that the parishes of the place have planned within the so-called Days of the Diocese, which are always attached to each WYD. At the same time, the young people from the town of Capira have been invited, so it is hoped that some of them will participate.

From the 21st to the 28th of January they will be in Panama City to participate in all the programming of this 34th World Youth Day, which will be presided over by Pope Francis. Once again Mary will be the great protagonist of our stay in Panama since this WYD is celebrated under the motto “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word”.

The graces have not ceased to fall throughout this journey of preparation for WYD and now in its execution since it has been achieved that all the idente group is housed in the same parish of Panama, which bears the providential name of  “Christ the Son of God”. There we will all be housed in families, who are waiting for us with open arms. Quite a luxury for a WYD.

We count on the unity and the intense prayer of all the great idente family distributed throughout the world for the fruits, surely unsuspected, that Providence has reserved for all this idente pilgrimage, both those who are in Panama and those who will live it mystically from every corner of the world.

There will be a great coverage of WYD in the social networks of Idente Youth and Idente missionaries. The hashtag for all of us to spread to the maximum this beautiful event of the Church will be #JMJidente2019

Traditional Athenaeum of the Idente Family and Idente Youth in Javier (Pamplona, Spain)

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On Sunday, December 16, for another year, in the Diocesan Center of Xavier, the Idente missionaries and the Idente Youth of Javier and Pamplona celebrated the Christmas Athenaeum as a prelude to these festivities, assisted by around 100 people.

This Christmas Athenaeum, around the Birth of the Child Jesus, has become, year after year, an authentic meeting of families, friends of the Idente missionaries of Pamplona, ​​Yesa, Sangüesa and Javier. It is an encounter where friendship is renewed, while enjoying the different performances that the children prepare, led by the missionaries Identes Neema and Neethu, in order to make happy their parents and family.

The act began with the carol song “A Bethlehem in every home” and continued with the representation of the Birth of Jesus, realized by the children of Yesa; then several carols and performances accompanied by the flute, violin and accordion were sung. The protagonists of these activities were the children. Finally, the Ecuadorian colony of Sangüesa sang Christmas carols of their country. It is important to note how a friend of the missionaries Identes, Hipólito Rico, who was not well, made every effort to assist and accompany his grandchildren in the carol which he had rehearsed, so that they could offer chocolate to the Child Jesus. The athenaeum ended with an agape and it was the opportunity to talk among all and renew the friendship that is emerging between all the friends of the Idente community.

The atmosphere of this Christmas afternoon was of great joy and intimacy and was characterized by the simplicity and innocence of the children. While saying goodbye, the people expressed their gratitude for the afternoon so pleasant which they had spent.

Interview with Cardinal Osoro about the person and work of Fernando Rielo, Founder of the Idente Missionaries

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The Cardinal of Madrid, D. Carlos Osoro, speaks in this brief interview about the person and work of Fernando Rielo, Founder of the Idente Missionaries, and the importance of his charism in the contemporary world. The interview was carried out after the Mass that Cardinal Osoro himself presided over in the crypt of the Cathedral of La Almudena in Madrid on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of Fernando Rielo’s Passing. This celebration was held on December 6, 2018.

Anniversary mass of Fernando Rielo in Zaragoza (Spain)

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On December 4, 2018, the territorial Delegation of Zaragoza of the Idente Missionaries commemorated the fourteenth anniversary of the Passing of our Father Founder.

It was with a Mass in the Chapel of the Virgin, in the Basilica of Pilar de Zaragoza, at 7 pm, being concelebrated by the Superior General of the Missionaries, our dear brother Luis and the Chaplain of the Virgin, D. José Mª Bordetas. The General Secretary, our beloved sister Mª Fernanda, the Missionaries of the Delegation, relatives and other members of the Idente Family and other persons who joined the Eucharistic celebration attended.

As the First Reading of the Mass spoke of the lack of peace, in the homily, the Superior General spoke of the Founder message about being faithful to Christ and living the beatitude of peace, imitating Mary, peace that is not ours but of Christ ; He also recalled that the founders and martyrs are ahead on the path of life as artisans of peace. He wished that Fernando Rielo, before Jesus and Mary, intercede and ask for peace for all of us. He mentioned Pope Francis and his advice to distribute the gifts we have. He remembered Ezequiel, father of the General Secretary and Pedro, godfather of the Superior General, recently deceased, with the desire of consolation for the relatives. He ended up asking that all the faithful believe in peace and promote it.

The Mass ended with a few words from the Chaplain of the Virgin, D. José Mª Bordetas, alluding to our Institution, emphasizing that it was a new form of consecrated life appropriate for the new evangelization.

The commemoration of the memory of the departure of our beloved Founder to eternal life, ended by depositing a bouquet of flowers under the mantle of the Virgin of Pillar, asking for her protection.

About three thousand people at the anniversary mass of Fernando Rielo in St. Patricks Cathedral in New York

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On Friday, December 7, in Manhattan New York, the final resting place of our beloved Father Founder, the 14th Anniversary of his entrance to eternal life was celebrated in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. On this occasion, the President, Father Jesús Fernández and our Superiors General María del Carmen García and Luis Casasús participated in this great meeting and Eucharistic celebration of thanksgiving.

Thus, in the context of the Advent season, the atmosphere in the Cathedral was one a special recollected joy, in contrast to the coming and going of the New Yorker, worried about reaching the next train, or taking the perfect photo in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree or perhaps to find the perfect gift in one of the many shops in this busy part of the city.

In this framework of New York daily life, 25 buses coming from the 4 parishes administered by our Institution, transported hundreds of parishioners who departed from their respective cities: St. Luke Parish in Brentwood, Our Lady of Loreto in Hempstead and three in the Bronx: St. Mary , Our Lady of Consolation and Santo Domingo. Each year in commemoration of the transit of our Father Founder, the faithful board the buses with a sense of pilgrimage where the trisagio is prayed, and each one writes his petition on small pieces of paper, that are distributed during the trip and that will be given to the Bishop along with the offerings to be placed at the foot of the Altar.

About 3,000 people participated in the Mass in which the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Center, His Grace. Richard Garth Hennign, noted with admiration the presence of many young people, as well as many families. The homily focused on the meaning of the word unity and how St. Paul speaks of Christ’s invitation to participate in his mystery and in that we are chosen by him.

“This invitation requires a free and loving response, as can be seen in the life of its Founder. It is not an accident that he has indicated to you to form unity with the Lord, to participate in communion; … It is very clear in the Idente community because all are participants … he has indicated the importance of communion among us because in this way we can discern God’s invitation to Divine unity, to participate in the mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, because he, his Founder, has spoken to us about the community of people and that he based it on the communion between us and God … we can understand his life and message if we can remember this invitation to participate.

Like Mary, the new Eve who never sought her own will and who gave her life to God, willing to participate in the Mystery, the life of our Founder is marked by free responses of self giving to the communion and unity with the Divine Persons.”

Filled with God, filled with hope and with a happy heart, we return to our homes happy to reach the holiness in common to which our Heavenly Father invites us.

Antonio Martín de las Mulas from Spain wins the 38th Fernando Rielo World Prize for Mystical Poetry

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With the poetry book Viernes Santo (Good Friday), Antonio Martín de las Mulas Baeza (Madrid, Spain, 1977) has won the XXXVIII Fernando Rielo World Prize for Mystical Poetry, awarded on December 13 in New York, at the Instituto Cervantes. The prize is € 7,000, publication of the work and a commemorative medal. The Laureate is a lawyer by profession. As poet he has received several recognitions and his poems have been published in some literary magazines and anthologies.

Of the work Viernes Santo the jury has said that the voice of the poetic I expressed in its verses is the voice of Jesus in Golgotha, that from the heights of the cross, regards with unique vision the littleness of the poet, transformed now in the lyric you.  From that view the crucified makes his own the situation of humanity, its weaknesses and its fears: “My blood is being poured out throughout the world, my heart dreams you in the eternal city”.  There is a special sensitivity regarding loneliness and human suffering, that the poet assumes out of the total disposition of the crucified one, that is no longer a passive victim, but an omnipotent maker for one who the cross is a throne, unconquerable rock, a saving altar.  It expresses, not without a certain/ apocalyptic bent, a profound theological content full of salvific hope through which Christ brings humanity to the Father:  He will come like a torrent wind in the fields/ like a wind that agitates green crests / opening the entire soul to the intense love of the Father.”

Honorable mention has been granted to the poetic work Desnudando el alma of the Spanish writer Desamparados Escriva.  A work of great beauty and sensitivity proper of an enamoured soul.  It is composed with excellent verses full of expressive recourses that spring forth from the wound of love: “No, it was not I who found Love, / it was He who found me…/ I got lost in that encounter / and I meander lost in its sea.”  The experience of absence and presence is not missing, just as that of the final union: “With You there are moments in which I do not know if I am / I do not know if You are / I only know that we are.”

The other finalists were: Antonio Bocanegra (Cádiz), Miguel Sánchez Robles (Murcia); Adela Guerrero Collazos (Cali); Theresia Maria Bothe (Sicilia, Italia); Pilar Elvira Vallejo (Madrid, España); María del Pilar Galán García (Valladolid, España); Marcelo Galliano (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Fernando Raúl Matiussi (Tucumán, Argentina) and Desamparados Escrivá Vidal (Tarragona, España).

The Jury was composed of: Jesús Fernández Hernández, president of the Fernando Rielo Foundation; José Mª. López Sevillano, literary critic and permanent secretary of the Prize; Annalisa Saccà, poet and professor of Language and Literature at St. John’s University of New York; Hilario Barrero, poet, prose writer, translator and professor at the City University of New York; Marie-Lise Gazarian-Gautier, professor of Spanish and Latinoamerican Literature at St. John’s University of New York, and David G. Murray, literary critic and philologist.

The President of the Fernando Rielo Foundation, Fr. Jesús Fernández Hernández, in his message in the award ceremony recalled the words of Fernando Rielo: “Mystical poetry begins where religious poetry ends. The referent of mystical poetry is a divine personal relationship with the Most Holy Trinity and what in this life can be conceived of a life eternal, familiar, intimate. (…) He also expressed that “mystical poetry, far from any ideology or manipulation, is empowering, inclusive and dialoguing; for that reason, it can cover all the registers and forms of literary expression. Nothing is opposed to the creative freedom of the mystic.”

The event featured a harp concert by the famous María Rosa Calvo-Manzano, which has more than three thousand concerts across five continents and numerous awards, in addition to being a member of several Academies of Fine Arts and World History.

The prize is for unpublished works in Spanish or English and has been awarded in venues such as the UN; the UNESCO; the French Senate and the Roman Campidoglio. Every year, it has the support of a wide Committee of Honor composed of Academicians of Language, History and Moral and Political Sciences, as well as writers, poets, university professors and university rectors.

The ecumenical nature of the prize has made it possible for it to be awarded to poets from different Christian confessions -as a matter of fact in most cases-, but also non-Christian, demonstrating how mystical poetry can unite cultures and religions.

Biographical data of Antonio Martín de las Mulas Baeza (Madrid, 1977)Antonio Martín de las Mulas (Spain, Madrid, 1977) graduated in Law at the Universidad CEU-San Pablo in Madrid, although he had a vocation as a philosopher, a career in which he studied for two years. He devoted himself freely to law with considerable success for nearly fifteen years until 2015 when he decided to move to Medellín (Colombia) and dedicate himself, as a father of a family, to missionary life. He is a catechist for children in one of the most underprivileged neighborhoods of the town of Bello, and is also part of the group “Queen of Peace” of Medellín, linked to the Catholic spirituality of Medjugorje. As a poet, he has received several recognitions, including the first prize in the XII Rodrigo Caro Poetry Contest in 2003. His poems have been published in various literary journals and anthologies.

Fragments of the poetry book Viernes Santo

Oigo vuestras respiraciones,

estáis aquí conmigo respirando

en los huecos eternos de los aires,

las almas de los siglos y las noches sin dormir,

las largas descendencias asumidas,

estáis aquí conmigo


Hoy muero por vosotros de esta forma,

atravesados somos,

también en esta altura de las respiraciones.

Esta es la respiración del Hijo del Hombre,

mi respiración de muerte en este campo abierto,

mi forma de vivir

en este cuarto lúgubre del mundo,

en esta vida

cuando uno llega a lo alto de la Calavera,

y ve;

cuando uno llega, expuesto al sol, erguido

en una cruz

sobre el monte interior de vuestras vidas

y ve,

y ve


Hoy contemplo tus párpados vencidos,

su desplomarse solos ante el golpe del mundo,

su visión recogida

contra las grandes puertas de la noche.

Contemplo que has perdido las ganas de vivir,

que te comen por dentro

esos viejos abismos de un silencio cerrado.

Yo sé que no le ves una salida a todo esto,

que te desplomas pronto, que tus fuerzas

se disuelven humanas como el humo de un fuego

que asciende por la altura.

Alienta pequeñuelo, toma mi mano, y tenme,

ten coraje en el vilo de las grandes caídas.

Estoy en el martirio de los hombres, donde llevo

la piel sacada a tiras por tu desolación.

Quiero injertar tu vida en la esperanza

de un mañana infalible entre mis brazos.

Mírame,… no desfallezcas, hijo,

Yo estoy contigo,

creo en ti