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“Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”: Motus Christi for the youth in Bologna

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Sunday, February 23rd, at 11:30 a.m., the Motus Christi for the youth began in Bologna with Sunday Mass in our Corpus Christi Shrine. Among the parishioners who attend us, the presence of this group of young people from Turin and Bologna was pleasantly surprising. They came for such a special occasion, as our brother Manuel Vazquez emphasized when he welcomed them at the beginning of the mass.

We passed immediately afterwards to one of the rooms of the shrine where the lunch-buffet was waiting for us, and the whole community of missionaries took the opportunity to share some friendly moments with all the young people.

Subsequently, our sister Miriam A. Cortes addressed the reflection on the central theme of Motus: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect,” which corresponded to the Gospel of the day. She stressed in every way with many examples of her own experience the various aspects that this commitment involves, to which she gave personal importance far from moralism and focused on building a world of loving relationships with God and from there with all others.

These aspects proved to be the perspective and the starting point that guided the time of personal silence that they maintained afterwards, when the young people retired to different rooms of our shrine (inner chapel, cloister, garden, conference room …) Afterwards, they were divided into 3 groups (2 female and one male) for the communities.

The Motus ended with the charismatic touch in which, in addition to the young people, all the missionaries were present and where it became evident how deeply the participants – who expressed themselves with great sincerity and realism – had been touched, as well as what they had discovered in themselves through this activity and how to make it fruitful in their daily lives.