“The Father created us for joy”, words of Fr. Jesus Fernandez in Bologna and Busseto (Italy)

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From 1 to 4 February, the communities of idente missionaries, as well as the idente family of Bologna and Busseto, in Italy, had the joy of receiving the apostolic visit of Father Jesus Fernandez, president of the identes missionaries. He was accompanied by the Provincial Superior of Rome, Anna Pedretti.

In Bologna, in addition to the meeting with the brothers and sisters, he held a meeting with a group of sixty people from the Idente family, with whom he spoke for about an hour about the Beatitudes and their importance in the lives of the saints and all Christians.

Then, Father Jesus Fernandez moved to Busseto, where the Identes missionaries have been running the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli for several years. He was also accompanied by the Provincial Superior of Northern Italy, Carmen Timoneda, and by the missionaries Vicente de la Fuente, Maurizio and Letizia Calanchi.

In Busseto, Fr. Jesús presided over the Eucharist. In the afternoon there was a meeting with the Idente Family, in which some women missionaries (Anna and M.Carmen) and man missionaries (Vicente de la Fuente and Daniel Cárdenas) gave a personal testimony of their love for Christ. They shared the experience of their vocation in a very moving way that left in those present the desire to commit themselves more to approach Christ.

Our brother Martin Esguerra appointed Missionary of Mercy by Pope Francis

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Our Holy Father Pope Francis recently appointed our brother Father Martin I. Esguerra, M.Id as a “Missionary of Mercy.”  Father Martin is the English-language Official of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, the Dicastery entrusted with the promotion of the Apostolate of Mercy world-wide for the whole Church.

During the extra-ordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy (2015-2016) the Holy Father nominated priests throughout the world as “missionaries of mercy” giving them the special commission to promote our trust and faith in the Father’s Mercy. He also empowered these priests granting them faculties to absolve certain sins usually reserved to the Apostolic See (meaning only the Holy Father can absolve).

Pope Francis wished to prolong this ministry for the good of the Church even after the Jubilee Year of Mercy ended.  As a result, many dioceses have one or two priests nominated as “missionaries of mercy” who make themselves available for missions, and especially for the celebration of God’s forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

While all the priests of the Dicastery are named as such, prayers are requested for Father Martin, knowing that whenever one promotes the infinite mercy of God, there are forces that try to prevent it.  This new mission requires humility, perseverance and fidelity to the Holy Trinity and to the wishes of the Holy Father and your prayers will certainly sustain him.

(Martin celebrating Mass in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica)

Beautiful vows ceremony of the idente missionaries Chiara Ammoscato and Irene Scifoni in Bologna

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This Sunday, April 8, the beautiful ceremony of vows of two Italian missionary sisters was celebrated at the Corpus Domini Shrine of Bologna (Italy): Irene Scifoni, who has made her apostolic profession and celibate consecration, and Chiara Ammoscato, who has made her perpetual profession.

The Mass was presided over by the President of the idente missionaries, Fr. Jesús Fernández, and it was held in the Baroque Sanctuary of Corpus Domini, administered by the Id Institute since 1995. Fr. Jesús Fernández, in his homily, addressed some touching and inspired words to the two missionaries:

“The saint presents himself to Christ with an empty heart, but full of desires to love. How strong is this love for which everything is left! Let us free ourselves of all those thoughts that do not serve us at all and that occupy space in us. (…) To be fragile means to perceive the impressive strength of grace. Keep these words like Mary in your heart. (…) How difficult it is to say to Christ, like Peter, ‘yes, I love you’! Is it so hard to tell Christ yes? ”

Undoubtedly, it has been a time of countless graces not only for these two dear sisters, but also for the entire Italian idente family and for the entire Id Institute, with the beautiful sign of coinciding this day with the Second Sunday of Easter and Sunday of the Divine Mercy.

Assumption of Enrico Bayo in the parish of San Bartolomeo (Rome)

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The province of Rome of the idents missionaries will live a moment of grace this Sunday, February 4. It will be the inauguration of our brother Enrico Bayo as parish priest of San Bartolomeo Apóstol, of the Diocese of Rome, a parish that has been entrusted to the missionary missionaries for many years.

The ceremony will be chaired by S.E. Bishop Paolo Selvadagi, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rome, and concelebrated by the President of the idents missionaries, Fr. Jesús Fernández, and Fr. Enrico Bayo.

The church is located in the Roman neighborhood of Ottavia, in a sector with marginal urban realities, where on the one hand a process of distancing from the faith and the Church is being experienced, and on the other hand many families suffer from socio-economic difficulties and those produced by the influence of drug addiction and marginalization.

In the photo gallery we show endearing and historical moments of the parish, both of the visit of Saint John Paul II on December 21, 1997 and of the previous parish priests that Saint Bartholomew has had.

The Magi fill with emotion and joy Fucecchio (Italia)

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One more year took place in Fucecchio the Procession of the Magi, on the same Day of the Epiphany, January 6, in which many people from the Idente Family, some youth from Idente Youth and parish collaborators participated. It was a moment of particular grace, an atmosphere of peace and harmony, as well as of mutual help and communion among all persons gathered there.

The Procession was opened with the star of Bethlehem, the Magi on horseback followed by adults and little pages, angels, shepherds and shepherd boys, a chariot pulled by horses and a group of people with torches on the sides of the parade, also dressed in costumes of the time. From the main square of the village of Ponte a Cappiano walking for about 5 km, we arrive at the Collegiate Church, which is located in the historical center of Fucecchio. The Christmas carols accompanied the event and the people on the sidewalks of the streets awaited the passage and the greeting of the Magi to wish them a happy year. There we could feel a festive and solemn atmosphere.

Upon arriving at the church, all paid homage to Child Jesus, together with Mary and Joseph, especially the Magi, who offered them gold, incense and myrrh. The church was full of people, who listened attentively to the Message of the Magi, which gave way to the beginning of the solemn Mass, presided over by Bishop Andrea Migliavacca, Bishop of the Diocese of San Miniato, and concelebrated by our brother Ángel Rodríguez Guerro, by the new parish priest of Ponte a Cappiano and two priests from the neighboring parishes.

At the end of the celebration of the Mass there was a moment of particular emotion for the reading of the words that the Archpriest of Fucecchio, Fr. Andrea Cristiani, momentarily in Africa, sent through a message addressed to the idente women and men missionaries, present in the area, thanking us for our presence in the diocese. He greeted our brother Angel with great esteem and affection for his new mission in Bologna, and invited the missionaries to continue with courage in the organization of the Procession of the Magi, expressing his wish that the new parish priest may continue with this special initiative, along with the missionaries, because it is the only activity that involves the entire pastoral unity of the territory.

He also offered his collaboration, so that the event grows more and more, and many people can participate and identify themselves with the pastors who come to the Bethlehem portal, to pay homage to the Child Jesus.

The happiness of all was also highlighted by the presence of our sister Laura Rebaioli, who came especially from Turin, to help organize the event, and she was warmly greeted by the Bishop, the priests and the entire idente family.

The XIII anniversary of the passing of Fernando Rielo into Heaven convenes in Rome the Idente Family and Idente Youth of Italy

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Delegations of idente missionaries, idente family and Idente Youth from all over Italy have met in Rome to celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of the passing into heaven of Fernando Rielo Pardal, Founder of the women and men idente missionary. The events began on Friday, December 8, the day on which the national Idente youth meeting and the Motus Christi for young people began, while missionaries and friends of the idente family came to the house per ferie Enrico de Ossò, very close of the Presidency of the Institute.

The most intense day was Saturday, December 9, because after breakfast all the groups moved to the Farnese cinema, in the heart of Rome, to attend the screening of the film “Siate santi”, by Catherine Mc Gilvray and Renato Spaventa. It is a documentary about the idente charism, that has the richness of being told by the Founder himself. Therefore, it gathers abundant archival images of Fernando Rielo, explaining the nuclear aspects of the charism, which reflects the intensity of his filial experience with the heavenly Father and the passion with which he undertook the mission of Christ to preach the Gospel. The attending audience lived with emotion this cinematographic session, whose great technical level collaborated with the commotion that in itself produced the prayer and the tears of a founder, that the film gathers with mastery.

After that, the Eucharist commemorating the passing of Fernando Rielo into heaven, was celebrated in the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Andrea della Valle, presided by His Excellency Angelo De Donatis, Vicar of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, and concelebrated by the president of the Institute Id, Fr. Jesús Fernández, by the Superior General of the Theatines, regents of the basilica, as well as by priests from all over Italy. Priests and seminarians of various nationalities, who were friends of the Id Institute gathered there.

The joy and familiarity of the Vicar marked the celebration, which highlighted the missionary spirit of Fernando Rielo and read with visible emotion two quotes from him: one in which he expresses that the essence of the mission is the intimate relationship of the missionary with the Holy Trinity and the other in which he urges to elevate holiness to the category of mission, unique and essential to the consecrated.

After a lunch in the family atmosphere created from the beginning, there was a claustro or spiritual lesson commemorating the date, given by Fr. Jesús Fernández, who recalled the keys to living as authentic children of God, especially the openness of the heart to the grace and passionate love of a celestial Father who moves away from all sadness and envelops us in a continuous spiritual joy.

The day ended with an Athenaeum, an artistic evening in which the different groups expressed with generosity and affection their aspiration to holiness and to be authentic in the idente charism.
From Saturday night and Sunday morning, the delegations started their return to their cities and provinces. The anointing touch produced by having shared the joy of the idente charism was visible in everyone, as well as the commitment involved in expanding it to so many people from all the Italian foundations.

“Cristo con nosotros en las tormentas de nuestra vida”. Motus Christi para jóvenes en Bolonia

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Venid a mí todos los que estáis cansados y agobiados, y yo os aliviaré. Tomad mi yugo sobre vosotros y aprended de mí, que soy manso y humilde de corazón; y encontraréis descanso para vuestras almas” (Mt 11, 28-30).

Un saludo delante de Cristo, la lectura del paso del Evangelio antes citado y algunos minutos de silencio: así comenzó el Motus Christi en Bolonia para jóvenes del norte de Italia que se realizó del 24 al 26 de noviembre. El tema central del retiro fue “Mirar la tierra desde el cielo”. Y así fue. En estos dos días de convivencia en los que “más de dos estábamos reunidos en el nombre de Cristo”, nos sentimos verdaderos habitantes del cielo. “Este cielo es mi casa y no quiero irme de aquí nunca más”, decía una joven al terminar el encuentro.

Entre meditaciones, momentos de oración, de convivencia y artísticos, fueron días en los que cada uno se abandonó completamente a Cristo para encontrar, a pesar de sufrimientos y ocupaciones, la paz y el descanso que el Padre, Cristo y el Espíritu Santo nos quieren dar. Otra joven decía “llegué con mi vida en alta turbia, llena de algas, hierbas y muchísimas cosas más. Con Cristo se ha convertido en un mar tranquillo en el cual navegar: este ha sido mi Motus Christi”. Un encuentro lleno de sinceridad juvenil que grita a Cristo, como se decía en la conferencia final: “te amo con todo mi ser. Heme aquí, con todas mis debilidades. Pero te amo, Tú lo sabes”.

El encuentro, al que participaron jóvenes provenientes de Turín y de Bolonia se realizó en el convento de la Observancia, situado en un monte que está a poquísimos minutos del centro de la ciudad, para encontrar el alivio y descanso verdaderos que solo Cristo puede dar. La observancia es un convento del Orden franciscano de los Frailes Menores que fue de gran importancia en el siglo XV, por el que pasaron San Bernardino de Siena, San Antonio de Padua, San Juan de Capistrano y muchos otros.

In Arpino (Italy), parish mission to “turn the page” with Christ

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“Volta pagina!” (turn the page!): this is the name of the inter-parish mission that the idente missionaries have been promoting together with the diocesan priests of the parishes of the city of Arpino (province of Frosinone, two hours from Rome), from September 29 to October 8.
The protagonists of this mission week were the people of the parish community themselves. There has been intense moments of spirituality; evangelizing in the street; workshops for young people; artistic spaces; testimonies; visits to families and Eucharistic celebrations, all to make Christ known throughout the city.
On Friday, September 29 at 7:00 PM, the parish missionaries were sent away on their mission by the bishop, Msgr. Gerardo Antonazzo, during a Eucharistic celebration that took place in the Church of Saint Michael, on the main square of Arpino.
To prepare this mission, during the month of September, the missionaries of Rome and Arpino had been organizing formative meetings for all those who wanted to take on the commitment implied by this mission. The formation was both spiritual and organizational.
This initiative was received in a way that surprised everyone. Diocesan priests, religious, persons with missionary experience, people who have never heard of a mission, people more or less close to the Church, and above all the communion that has been created between the idente missionaries of common life and the married ones; it has been a wonderful grace, a huge gift to grow together in the “yes” to the call made by Pope Francis to the universal Church to live and transmit the joy of the Gospel.
We placed this parish mission of Arpino under the intercession of Mary, Mother of mystical life, with full trust in the prayer of all the missionaries and our friends for this apostolic work.

La piazza della Parrocchia di San Michele Arcangelo diretta dai missionari identes di Arpino

Lettere allo Spirito Santo: Bambini di San Matteo in ritiro

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A Roma, nella Parrocchia di San Matteo, retta dai missionari identes, maggio è il mese dedicato ai due ritiri con i bambini che si stanno preparando alla Comunione e con ragazzi della Cresima.

Da qualche tempo la preparazione per ricevere i due sacramenti si fa tutti insieme: bambini, genitori, missionari e missionarie e tutti i catechisti vivono una giornata di ritiro e convivenza. Luogo prescelto quest’anno, il monastero dei missionari ad Arpino, un paesino della provincia di Frosinone, patria del grande storico e retore Cicerone. 110 i bambini che con la loro allegria e la loro fede hanno riempito le strade del paese.

Sono giornate segnate da un bellissimo spirito familiare e soprattutto del desiderio di scoprire come è importante e bello per i genitori e i bambini camminare insieme, tutelare la fede gli uni degli altri, imparare a custodirla e a parlarne a casa. Con i genitori si è affrontato il tema della grande missione che hanno come educatori della fede dei loro figli: si sono condivise esperienze, sfide e preoccupazioni. Con i bambini, oltre a momenti di gioco e ricreazione, si è ricordata l’importanza di ricevere Gesù per la prima volta attraverso riflessioni e una rappresentazione teatrale della vita del bambino San Tarcisio. Con i più grandi, la bellezza di poter confermare la loro fede con il sacramento della Cresima.

Nella celebrazione eucaristica del pomeriggio c’è un momento davvero speciale che vale l’intera giornata: i genitori fanno un dono ai loro figli, che ha dell’indimenticabile: il vangelo per i bimbi della Comunione e una piccola croce per i ragazzi della Cresima, come simboli della compagnia di Gesù per la loro crescita spirituale. Qui non c’è genitore che non si commuova e faccia commuovere!

Ecco una fra le lettere scritte dai bambini, pensando alla presenza dello Spirito Santo per il sacramento della Cresima:

Ultimamente mi sento distante dalla mia famiglia e dalla Chiesa. Mi sentivo male, non so perché, però quando prego mi sento bene perché sento che in quel momento Qualcuno è felice per me. Forse è colpa mia il fatto che io stia male. Forse se provassi ad aprire le porte del mio cuore, Tu potresti avvicinarti a me e darmi un abbraccio. Aspetto con ansia che arrivi il giorno della Cresima per poterti aprire quella porta e non chiuderla mai.
Un tuo grande amico

Molti genitori hanno espresso la loro gratitudine per il modo in cui catechisti e missionari si dedicano ai loro figli non soltanto al ritiro, ma soprattutto durante i due anni del catechismo. Il ritiro è il grande richiamo, per tutta la comunità parrocchiale, delle parole di Cristo: “Lasciate che i bambini vengano a me, non glielo impedite, perché il regno dei cieli è di chi è come loro”.

La bellezza di una visita

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“Ogni essere umano è a immagine e somiglianza dell’eucarestia. E come l’eucarestia fa parte della nostra vita, così voi. La nostra missione è quella di rimanere con voi”.

Con queste parole caldissime e appassionate rivolte ai tanti amici di Atessa presenti alla celebrazione eucaristica al convento di S. Pasquale, venerdì 12 maggio, p. Jesús Fernández Hernández, presidente dei missionari e missionarie identes, ha concluso le due settimane di visite a varie città italiane, dal sud al nord della penisola: da Torino a Genova, Milano, Busseto; da Arpino ad Atessa.

«È stato per noi un momento davvero importante. – raccontano anche le missionarie di Torino – Ci ha molto commosse la paternità che ha mostrato p. Jesús, Presidente dell’Istituto, nei nostri confronti facendoci visita il 4 maggio e siamo state incoraggiate nell’apostolato e nella perseveranza e fedeltà alla nostra missione. Lo ringraziamo il Padre per averci concesso uno spazio di cielo». In occasione della visita apostolica, p. Jesús ha anche avuto modo di salutare e ringraziare il parroco di Santa Monica dove risiedono le missionarie da settembre di quest’anno.

Le visite alle diverse comunità, alla famiglia idente, agli amici che aiutano e condividono un cammino insieme ai missionari, sono state segnate dal grande messaggio della santità che è vivere e trasmettere il vangelo, come dice sempre p. Jesús. “È vero, non si può amare senza soffrire. La croce fa parte dell’amore. Ogni crisi può essere una trappola o un trampolino. La grazia trasforma ogni trappola in un trampolino, opera un salto nella nostra vita. A noi spetta non abbracciare la croce, ma stenderci su di essa in questo cammino che compiamo insieme”.

Chiesa del Convento di S. Pasquale e momenti della celebrazione eucaristica con p. Jesús