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Come to the WYD of Panama and to the International Motus Christi with the Idente missionaries

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The Idente missionaries and Idente Youth have open registration for all young people who wish to participate with us in the WYD of Panama 2019 (22-27 January 2019) and in the international Motus Christi that will take place the previous days (16 -21 January 2019).

The World Youth Day with Pope Francis in Panama, under the motto of the words of Mary “I am the servant of the Lord, May it be done to me according to your Word” (Lk. 1,38), will be a great Pentecost of the whole universal young Church and the Motus Christi a beautiful opportunity to experience the deep encounter with Christ and to convert our life to the infinite love of the Heavenly Father.

All the information through the facebook of International Idente Youth: @identeyouthIO and of the mail:

Thirty Countries Will Be Represented at the 7th World Conference on Metaphysics at Salamanca, October 24-27

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Nearly two hundred professors and scholars proceeding from thirty countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia have confirmed their attendance at the Seventh World Conference on Metaphysics, to be held at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain, October 24-27, 2018. The event is organized by the Fernando Rielo Chair at the host university, the Fondazione Idente di Studi e di Ricerca, la Fundación Idente de Estudios e Investigación, and the Fernando Rielo Foundation.

On this occasion, the Conference will focus on the role of metaphysics in grounding and integrating physical, biological, and social sciences in their human applications; reflect on medicine, law, economics, and the arts; consider the requisites for peaceful relations among peoples and religious traditions; and seek a model which can interpret human personhood, with its scientific, social, and juridical implications. To this end, the Conference has been structured into seven major areas: science, culture, person, theology, religions, education, and therapy.

The Opening Address will be delivered by Jesús Conill Sancho, Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Valencia, Spain, and the Closing Address, by José María López Sevillano, President of the Idente School. The Main Speakers will take part in five Round Tables, which will include talks by Spaniards César Nombela Cano, Professor of Microbiology and Honorary Rector of the Menéndez Pelayo International University; Julio Martínez, Rector of the Comillas Pontifical University; Graciano González, Professor of Ethics at the Complutense University, Madrid; Ricardo Piñero, Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Navarra, Spain; and Agustín Domingo Moratalla, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Valencia, among others. Marie Jeanne Coutagne of the Catholic University of Lyon, France; Mauro Mantovani, Rector of the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome; Peter Schallenberg of the Paderborn Theological Faculty, Germany; and Elena Lugo of the Fr. José Kentenich Bioethics Commission in Argentina will be among the Main Speakers from other countries.

The Conference will also include ten simultaneous sessions at which nearly two hundred papers by academicians from all over the world will be presented.

At 8 p.m. on Friday, October 26, a concert entitled Six Centuries of Sacred Music will take place—performed by the Koiné Ensemble, accompanied by Brais García Maceiras on the organ and directed by Maestro Ignacio Yepes—in the Royal Chapel of St. Jerome at the University of Salamanca, a historic building among the Escuelas Mayores, 19 Libreros Street. This cultural event, organized for the Conference, also ties in with the ceremonies commemorating the Eighth Centennial of the University of Salamanca.

For more information, consult the website:

Mystic and Peace course at the UIMP Valencia (Spain) from September 19 to 21

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From September 19 to 21, 2018 the Mystic and Peace course, sponsored by the Fernando Rielo Foundation and the Idente Foundation for Studies and Research, will take place at the Menéndez Pelayo International University, headquarters of Valencia (Spain).

Among the speakers are professors Agustín Domingo Moratalla, Director of the UIMP in Valencia; Juana Sánchez-Gey, from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Autonomous University of Madrid and director of the course; José Luis Guinot Rodríguez, Clinical Head of Radiotherapeutic Oncology of the Valencian Oncology Institute Foundation; Vicente Botella Cubells, Dean President of the Faculty of Theology San Vicente Ferrer of Valencia and José María López Sevillano, President of the Idente School. From the artistic world we will count with the painter Antonio Camaró.

Mysticism is not an abstraction, but must be embodied in the life of the human person and in all the dimensions in which it develops as such. From its very constitution; its transcendent dimension; its relational dimension; its vital commitment, which encompasses an integral health, a need for training, a social commitment, an ecological commitment and creative and scientific development, etc. In all these dimensions of the human person there are many areas to develop that require having very clear the foundations on which we are based and a serious approach to the great questions that the human being asked himself.

All this together with the conviction of Fernando Rielo about the value of a transcendent culture to achieve the fruit of peace: “I have the conviction that only the path of culture can lead, nourished by a renewed moral elevation, to a creative peace; fruit of this, a clearer revelation about our wonderful destiny. Human beings are temporarily in space, but we are not citizens of space: our origin is celestial. “(Speech by Fernando Rielo during the presentation of the V World Prize for Mystical Poetry in 1985 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris)

The meeting is aimed at professors, doctoral students, master students, university students of the various disciplines that are addressed and people in general interested in the areas of humanities, philosophy, spirituality, pedagogy, psychiatry, science and arts.

The UIMP courses in Valencia are validated by free choice credits at various universities in the Valencian Community. You can consult with the University of origin the number of credits granted.

All the information can be found on the website of the Fernando Rielo Foundation ( or by contacting the secretary of the course directly: Dra. Ascensión Escamilla, 669174868. In the following link is found the complete program of the course.

Mística y paz. UIMP Valencia 2018

Let Christ move your life: Motus Christi International Italy 2018

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From August 5 to 11, 2018, the new edition of the International Motus Christi will take place in Arpino (Italy), organized every year by Idente missionaries in Italy, as an encounter of spirituality aimed at young people from all over the world. On this occasion, under the usual motto “Let Christ set your life in motion”, we will deepen on the words of Christ: “Be holy, as your Heavenly Father is holy” (Mt, 5, 48) taking as a thread the Last Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis “Gaudete et exsultate” on the call to holiness.

Through talks on the Gospel, community and individual prayer, the Eucharist, reflection in groups, monastic work, family life, the enjoyment of the natural environment and artistic expression, we will enjoy the experience of holiness lived in common. The Motus promotes a true encounter with Jesus Christ, through community life, as a way to the heart of the Father, allowing himself to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, who inspires us that holiness is possible and eliminates the obstacles to saying yes to this call of Christ.

The meeting will take place in the Monastery of San Lorenzo, in Arpino (Frosinone, Italy), directed by the Idente missionaries of the Italian province.

As an additional activity to the retreat, the possibility of participating in the meeting of young people with the Pope that will be held on August 11 and 12 in Rome is offered. For more information you can call the Italian telephone: +39 389 875 3969 or write to

Jacobean Route 2018

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As every year, since Fernando Rielo instituted it in 1988, one of the great activities of Idente Youth is the Jacobean Route, starting from Astorga (León) from July 12 to 25. The Idente Jacobean Route thus realizes a stretch of 265 km of the so-called “French road”. It seeks to promote, based on the cultural, religious and historical richness of the Road to Santiago, the development of young people in their relationship with God, nature and the society that surrounds them. To do this, Idente Youth organizes the Route as an annual pilgrimage open to young people from different countries, cultures and beliefs.


On May 13, the Idente missionary Akemi Ponce (Bolivia) professes her vows in Madrid

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This Sunday, May 13, under the beautiful signs of the Solemnity of the Ascension and the day of the Virgin of Fatima, the profession of vows of our Bolivian sister Cecilia Akemi Ponce Sakuray will be celebrated in the Church of the Calatravas of Madrid with a beautiful Eucharist.

The religious ceremony will take place at 5:00 pm and will be presided over by the President of the Idente missionaries, Fr. Jesús Fernández Hernández. A large attendance is expected among missionaries, friends of the Idente Family and of the Idente Youth, both in Madrid and in the nearby provinces.

Undoubtedly, it is a moment of joy and hope for our idente Institute as well as for the local Churches of Madrid and La Paz (Bolivia), archdiocese of origin of our sister.

Inauguration of the San Alberto Hurtado parish in Peñalolén, Chile, by the idente missionary Marcos Santibáñez

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The San Alberto Hurtado de Peñalolén Parish, Chile, has been entrusted to the Idente missionaries, and the inauguration will take place on Sunday, April 15. It will be the vicar of the eastern area, p. Manuel Paz, who will preside over the celebration with the new parish priest, p. Marcos Santibáñez M Id. The parish also has the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Enrique Alvear Community.

The church is located on 10 Oriente Street with 1 South, in the Tobalaba Park of the Peñalolén Commune. It is a modern, large church with a capacity for 300 people, in which there is an active presence of children, youth and families. It has lounges and sports court, in front there is a square. This parish that has as patron the second Chilean saint, canonized by Benedict XVI in 2005. It was founded in 2010. It will be a great celebration for the whole parish community!