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Master in Global Health and Migration organized by RIID, Caritas Roma and the Idente Foundation of Research and Research

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This is the sixth edition of the first master in Italy on the subject of medical and social aspects of assistance to immigrants and those suffering from social traumas. The master is organized by the Rielo Institute for Integral Development, the Caritas Diocesana of Rome and the Idente Foundation for Research and Research, and will be held from January to December of 2018.

According to a global health approach, based on the paradigm of certain social health, we will analyze the inequalities that cross our societies and offer contrasting operational tools. This year, we will focus in particular on issues related to assistance to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

As an executive master you want to deliver a teaching that provides practical and useful professional tools. This means that the intention is to privilege the acquisition of capacities that make it possible to systematize their knowledge, to enlarge their horizons and to relieve themselves in their work. It will be important to meet with privileged witnesses engaged in the field and to confront and exchange between different realities to share stresses and insights related to each’s experience.

The master is addressed to doctors, nurses and other health professions, social workers, mediators and other social welfare workers, and to all those who are engaged in helping professions. Individual study plans can be structured for other professionals.

The course has an annual duration and is divided into 4 modules, each one of an intensive week (three in Rome and one in Bologna) involving a total of 150 hours of class with frontal lessons, interactive didactics and guided tours in care facilities involved in themes.

Lesson Schedule

1st week: Rome, January 29 – February 2, 2018 “The health of immigrants: protection and critical areas”

2nd week: Rome, March 19 – 23, 2018 “The principles of global health, social determinants and inequalities” Focus: the health of Roma, Sinti and Camelists

3rd week: Bologna, 2 – 6 July 2018 “Politics, Anthropology and Human Sciences for Health” Focus: Ethics and Solidarity

4th week: Rome, 24-28 September 2018 “The health of asylum seekers and refugees: safeguards and critical areas” Focus: invisible wounds

Direzione del Master:
Dott. Salvatore Geraci – Responsabile dell’Area sanitaria della Caritas di Roma
Dott. Riccardo Colasanti – Direttore Health and Poverty Lab del Rielo Institute for Integral Development

Segreteria Tecnico-Scientifica:
Giulia Civitelli*; Irene Mutta*; Fabiana Arrivi*; Gonzalo Castro Cedeno*; Alice Corsaro*; Marica Liddo*; Valentina Pettinicchio*; Claudia Reale#.
Gavino Maciocco°; Maurizio Marceca°; Marco Mazzetti°; Fulvia Motta*; Giulia Silvestrini°.
*Caritas Roma, Area sanitaria; °Società Italiana di Medicina delle Migrazioni; #Fondazione Idente di Studi e Ricerca

Segreteria Organizzativa:
Claudia Reale Tel.: +39 06 68139624 – •
per informazioni:
Via dei Giubbonari 64, 00186 Roma (RM)