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Motus Christi in Germany during Pentecost

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During the Pentecost weekend, a group of almost 50 people gathered at our retreat center St. Benno in Germany to experience together our traditional Motus Christi during this liturgical celebration.

This year’s theme is summarized in a phrase of St. Augustine: “That which you want to kindle in others must first burn in you”.

Young people, adults and families from different parts of Germany attended the event. The atmosphere was truly Pentecostal, as participants from different countries, cultures, languages and religions formed a close-knit community in just a few days.

With the young people, we had a hiking tour, various workshops and talks to learn what the Holy Spirit wants to ignite in each one of us.

In the evenings, we could not miss the barbecue, the bonfire and the Ateneo, where we shared the talents that the Holy Spirit had poured out in a special way this weekend among us.

The participants were edified and enkindled by the Holy Spirit, with the desire to deepen even more their spiritual life and keep that fire alive in their everyday life.