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The Conferences “Educate from and for peace” of the FFR and University of Seville are now 17 years old

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At the inauguration of the XVII Conference “Educate from and for peace”, promoted by the Fernando Rielo Foundation with University of Seville, held on 5 and 6 March with the theme “The value of peace in the resolution of personal and social conflicts”, the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Seville, Alfonso Javier García González, said that he felt very identified with the theme of the same.

This edition has enrolled students of architecture, medicine, engineering, psychology, pedagogy, philosophy, teachers, middle degree, master, among others, and students who had already completed their career and were working.

The Dean underlined the importance of the theme of the Days for all disciplines since anyone must be impregnated with values and within the educational field training professionals in psychosocial skills is fundamental to communicate with others with the best guarantees. He alluded to the content of the Conference, diverse and extremely interesting, placing emphasis on the closing conference announced “Building peace in the encounter with the other” because in any conflict listening is essential.

He showed his gratitude and recognition to the organizers of these Days that are kept in the time trusting and wishing that they survive and surpass by far the twenty years to which they are heading for the good that they provide to those who carry them out. He was accompanied by Dr. Manuela Barcia, Coordinator of the Conferences (to her right), and Ms. María José García Rubio, member of the Fernando Rielo Foundation and of the Idente School, Secretary of the same.

Dr. José Luis Romera López, aeronautical technical engineer and Dr. in Pedagogy, member of the Fernando Rielo Foundation and of the Idente School at its headquarters in Granada, gave the lecture “Values and anti-values: Resolve and create conflicts”. It was presented by Miguel Ángel Sánchez Rubio, belonging to the Fernando Rielo Foundation at its headquarters in Constantina (Seville). “Inner peace is related to the experience of values. Love can do anything, he said; it is the greatest value. Anti-values generate conflicts and annoy. We have to go into exile from ourselves. To go out towards others”.

Dr. Pablo Álvarez Domínguez, Dr. in Pedagogy, professor at the Faculty of Education Sciences in Seville, gave an interesting and original lecture with the theme: “Rediscovering a new pedagogy of innovation and creativity”. It was presented by Dr. in Philosophy, Isabel Orellana Vilches, a member of the Fernando Rielo Foundation and the Idente School, based in Seville.

She invited everyone to leave “our comfort zone”. If you do so, you reach the panic zone, from there to the learning zone, from which you access the magical zone (unknown world), a zone of nearby development.

Dr. María Victoria Rullán Miquel, director of the Fernando Rielo Foundation’s Music Classroom, and member of the Idente School at its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, gave the lecture “Music as a resource for peace”. It was presented by Rocío Carballar Castilla, a children’s education teacher.
Day 5 culminated with the screening of the documentary “Love” (Girls by day, prostitutes by night) directed by the award-winning filmmaker with two Goya awards, Raúl de la Peña. It was presented by its producer Mr. Alberto López Herrero, to whom the Sevillian lawyer Ernesto Holgado gave way.

The Conference of the project Educate from and for peace, on its second day, had at its beginning as a speaker Ms. Isabel Cuenca Anaya, biologist, Secretary General of Justice and Peace, who delivered the conference “Peace, a personal and collective attitude”. It was presented by the lawyer and prosecutor Pedro López de Lemus, coordinated by Dr. Isabel Orellana Vilches. Isabel Cuenca defined peace as a personal attitude. Nobody gives what they don’t have.

The round table moderated by journalist Pablo F. Enríquez Amador, was composed of Dr. Alfonso Cabello García, Ms. Pilar Illescas Alonso and Dr. Juana Sánchez-Gey Venegas, professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, director of the Aula de Pensamiento of the Fernando Rielo Foundation. The theme was “The challenge of truth. An existential challenge”.

The closing of these XVII Days of the project Educate from and for peace took place with the conference of Dr. Juana Sánchez-Gey Venegas, who gave the conference: “Building peace in the encounter with the other”, which gave rise to an interesting colloquium. It was presented by Dr. in Philosophy María Lidia Rico Jiménez.

Dr. Sanchez-Gey stated that all values are intertwined. Living with respect is an axis for coexistence. Values are fundamentally living. Virtues = lived values. There are things that have no price but value, as is the person who is value and end in itself. She spoke of the ethics of the person, which means the ethics of dignity.

Truth was defined as the way, what we express of reality as it is since there has to be a concordance. The truth as an attribute of the person, as a giant of three heads, which, as Dr. Sanchez-Gey said, the first underlines that truth exist before ourselves.