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The Beatitudes: a retreat in New York for women from Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina

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In the month of Mary, 3-5 of May, our missionary sisters Loli, Elena and Alma coordinated the retreat for women in Spanish at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, Long Island. 45 women attended, residing in New York and come from diverse countries such as El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. For many them, it was an opportunity to put aside the busy environment of the workplace and center their lives more on our Father in Heaven.

All the participants deeply meditated upon the Beatitudes, the state of prayer, and continuous prayer in the spiritual life, learning how to apply them in the regular day to day routine. They as well became much closer in the knowledge of what the Idente Charisma is and its origin; our father Founder, by the call of our divine Father, to be Holy as HE is holy.

During those three days of the retreat, the sacrament of Confession was available. In this same manner, the women heard various personal testimonies by Olga, Mercedes, Emelia and Elsie. This time with Christ shared as a family was a wonderful experience that left among them a peace that only God can grant. They expressed with great joy their hopes to return to the next retreat! Also, many of them want to enter in community.