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Idente Family Day in Yaounde, Cameroon

By 23 September, 2017January 2nd, 2023Africa, Cameroon, Idente Family
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On the 16th of September at 10 am, the different families, members of the idente family met at the missionaries’ residence at Etoudi-Yaounde, for the third annual family session of the year. The adults and the new couples with their children, those faithful to the “community” and those who have returned to the sacraments by their engagement in Christian marriage.

We started the day with the film COUREGEOUS, focusing on the theme; laying emphasis on the role of the father in the children’s education as well as the value of sufferings and the fruits it bears. After the film, two groups were formed; a group for youths and another for parents and in each group we talked and shared on the different virtues seen in the film. A young mother who arrived during the sharing, and was participating for the first time, said she was deeply touched by the different interventions. She also confessed she had learnt a lot and had the answers she needed thanks to the Holy Spirit who is at work 24 on 24.

Later on, launch was served and everybody had enough to eat, there was some time for discursion closely followed by a family picture.

We ended the day with Holy mass. Fr Justo reminded us in his homily on the importance of nourishing our hearts with the best feelings and that forgiveness is one of the most noble feeling. Knowing that what comes out of our mouth is a consequence of what our heart is full of. Thus necessitates the best nourishment.

The Immediate fruit of the day was joy. The joy to meet with each other, the joy to know new people, the joy for the communion that is growing between us, the joy which comes from heaven since Christ promises he’s always amongst us when two or more are gathered in his name .