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Important advances in the work of the university parish of Soa (Cameroon)

By 2 May, 2020January 3rd, 2023Academy, Africa, Idente news
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In Cameroon, along with the usual apostolic activities, the construction of the parish of Saint Peter and Saint Paul of Soa continues to advance. At the present time, the concrete structure of the whole work has already been completed. It is made up of three levels; the last of these will directly support the roof, which has an irregular shape so that it can receive more light and resist well the strong winds of these places.

Since 2008, the Idente missionaries have the responsibility of this mission within the Diocese of Yaounde, Cameroon. It was in that same year that the university parish was erected, previously known as the University Catholic Center, and offering services to the student community, professors and to the personnel of the Public University of Yaounde II-Soa which includes 45,000 people.

The main activities are: daily masses and confession, spiritual life community, catechism, Motus Christi retreat, personalized attention with the students, a study room for 150 youth, green spaces for sport and open air activities, weekly meetings for the Idente Youth and monthly meetings of the Universal Parliament of Idente Youth.

The construction of a new church began in 2015. A fund-raising campaign is currently in progress. The completion of this project will result in a new parish and adjoining buildings.