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The XIII anniversary of the passing of Fernando Rielo into Heaven convenes in Rome the Idente Family and Idente Youth of Italy

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Delegations of idente missionaries, idente family and Idente Youth from all over Italy have met in Rome to celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of the passing into heaven of Fernando Rielo Pardal, Founder of the women and men idente missionary. The events began on Friday, December 8, the day on which the national Idente youth meeting and the Motus Christi for young people began, while missionaries and friends of the idente family came to the house per ferie Enrico de Ossò, very close of the Presidency of the Institute.

The most intense day was Saturday, December 9, because after breakfast all the groups moved to the Farnese cinema, in the heart of Rome, to attend the screening of the film “Siate santi”, by Catherine Mc Gilvray and Renato Spaventa. It is a documentary about the idente charism, that has the richness of being told by the Founder himself. Therefore, it gathers abundant archival images of Fernando Rielo, explaining the nuclear aspects of the charism, which reflects the intensity of his filial experience with the heavenly Father and the passion with which he undertook the mission of Christ to preach the Gospel. The attending audience lived with emotion this cinematographic session, whose great technical level collaborated with the commotion that in itself produced the prayer and the tears of a founder, that the film gathers with mastery.

After that, the Eucharist commemorating the passing of Fernando Rielo into heaven, was celebrated in the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Andrea della Valle, presided by His Excellency Angelo De Donatis, Vicar of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, and concelebrated by the president of the Institute Id, Fr. Jesús Fernández, by the Superior General of the Theatines, regents of the basilica, as well as by priests from all over Italy. Priests and seminarians of various nationalities, who were friends of the Id Institute gathered there.

The joy and familiarity of the Vicar marked the celebration, which highlighted the missionary spirit of Fernando Rielo and read with visible emotion two quotes from him: one in which he expresses that the essence of the mission is the intimate relationship of the missionary with the Holy Trinity and the other in which he urges to elevate holiness to the category of mission, unique and essential to the consecrated.

After a lunch in the family atmosphere created from the beginning, there was a claustro or spiritual lesson commemorating the date, given by Fr. Jesús Fernández, who recalled the keys to living as authentic children of God, especially the openness of the heart to the grace and passionate love of a celestial Father who moves away from all sadness and envelops us in a continuous spiritual joy.

The day ended with an Athenaeum, an artistic evening in which the different groups expressed with generosity and affection their aspiration to holiness and to be authentic in the idente charism.
From Saturday night and Sunday morning, the delegations started their return to their cities and provinces. The anointing touch produced by having shared the joy of the idente charism was visible in everyone, as well as the commitment involved in expanding it to so many people from all the Italian foundations.