Visit of the President of the Id Institute and of the Superior General to Seville and Constantine

By 26 May, 2018 July 3rd, 2018 Idente news, Presidency, Spain

Fr. Jesús Fernández, President of the women and men Idente missionaries, and María del Carmen García Viyuela, Superior General of the missionary sisters, visited the foundations of Seville and Constantine from April 15 to 23.
It was an intense week in which they had the opportunity to greet the parishioners of the parish “The Annunciation of Our Lady and St. John XXIII”, entrusted to the idente missionaries; also having a meeting with members of the Idente Catechumenate, Idente Family, Idente Youth and some members of the parish groups; as well as visiting the children of the “Concilio” School, which belongs to the parish.

They also dedicated a day to visit the community of missionaries who are in the monastery “La Victoria de San José”, in the mountain town of Constantina, and to share with the students of the painting school “El Gurugú”, which initiated in the monastery the artist and teacher Carmen Meléndez,of Idente Family. The works of this collective in which there are adults and children are reaching great notoriety, not only within the town but outside it as well.

The President and the Superior had the opportunity to live together with friends of the missionaries and with young people, whom they got to know better became thanks to their tireless apostolic action, which with their words and the testimony of their lives leaves an impression of peace and joy in those who are by their side.

On Sunday 22 the President officiated the Holy Mass in the parish of Seville. In his homily, commenting on the Word that referred to the Good Shepherd, with the strength that characterizes him, he invited everyone to say to Christ “like the disciples of Emmaus: ‘stay with us, I ask you to please, stay.’ Because in the human heart there is too much darkness, too many shadows, too much sadness. Stay with us and if we really ask him, Christ enters into us and directs my thoughts, directs my imagination, my creativity, my feelings … And Christ who is like after the resurrection, and introduces himself to his disciples and tells them ‘Peace be with you’, because Christ is peace; that’s why he says ‘peace be with you’. And what does that mean? That He will help me overcome all my difficulties if I have confidence in Him.

Trust, this simple word. Confidence means that I open my heart … Christ is peace, the Good Shepherd. He gives life and wants to share his life with us and what it is, a life of mercy, of forgiveness, that which costs us so much despite the fact that we say it in the Lord’s Prayer forgive us our offenses as we forgive those who have offended us; we say it in the Lord’s Prayer, but do we live it?…

If I look at Christ, Christ will dissolve the wounds that I carry in my heart. If I look at the wounds of Christ, what do I see in them? Pure love. But He also looks at our wounds and they are not always for love. There is pain, suffering, revenge, hate.

Not long ago in Africa a girl told me: my parents were killed, my brothers also, my grandparents; I only have hate and revenge in my heart, what do I do with all that? And I said: the first thing is not wanting revenge. Do you want to kill all those people? “No. I do not want more deaths. ” The first step of forgiveness is not wanting revenge; It is the first step because forgiveness is not a word, it is only a path. Like love, it is a path, like holiness, which is the fullness of love is a path that must be traveled, and it is not easy. But Christ next to us makes me overcome all these difficulties. He is the Good Shepherd. ”

Father Jesús Fernández also explained how to pray the Our Father, adopting the tender attitude of a child with his father. Below the photo gallery of this news there is a video with a fragment of these words of our President.

In the different moments shared both with the communities of missionaries and with the rest of the people whom they had the opportunity to greet and know, they did not stop showing their closeness, affection and gratitude, which they have also received from them, because we have all been aware of the blessing that we received being by their side.

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