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Christmas greeting of Fr. Jesús Fernández to the whole Idente family in the world

By 25 December, 2017January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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Message of Christmas and New Year 2018 of Fr. Jesús Fernández Hernández, President of the Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer Idente missionaries to all the Idente missionaries, Idente Family, Youth Idente and friends of the Institute I go in the world:

I address all of you, missionaries, missionaries, idente family members, friends, family members who will listen to me. I want to tell you something about this Christmas. In the first place, it is a moment of light, of clarity, in front of so many problems that we are observing, but it is a moment of hope, of wishing great things to others, of feeling that people are much closer to us than they are. it seems, there is no difference, it is not the other … Christmas is unity, it is love, it is affection, it is affection, it is intimacy, it is being together with others, especially those who feel weaker. But the most beautiful thing is that Christmas, which starts with something as fragile and delicate as a child, I do not know why we are sometimes afraid, afraid of the fragile, of the small, but in reality that is life, that is born with extraordinary strength. Christmas is not a memory, it is an experience, it is to desire that life that we may not have been able to live, but it is possible, it is possible because the tears will dry up and the pain will disappear if we really want every day to be Christmas . Many congratulations to all. A beautiful year of peace, serenity, balance, harmony, responsibility, honesty, transparency. It’s worth living this Christmas. Thank you so much everyone.