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Fernando is cool! Motus Christi for kids in Manila

By 31 January, 2021No Comments
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That is what one boy said during one of our Local Motus Christi for Kids sessions here in Manila. We had one meeting dedicated to our Father Founder, Fernando Rielo to commemorate the XVI anniversary of his passing to our Heavenly Father. 

We shared with the kids how Fernando Rielo´s life was and how he said ‘Yes’ to our Heavenly Father at a young age. We also shared with them an animation about his encounter with our Heavenly Father at Valsain, Spain. 

The kids learned some of the proverbs written by our Founder and they reflected together on what they have understood. After watching the animation, they commented: “Fernando Rielo is great man. He likes talking to God”, “Talk to our Heavenly Father if He is talking to you”, “Our Heavenly Father talks to us when everything is clean. He talks in our hearts”, “Always do whatever God tells you”, “Be happy when He is talking to you”.

Be holy as your Heavenly Father is holy was the charismatic touch most common for them. Truly, the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to little children such as them and as Fernando Rielo reminds us “Only heaven and a child contemplate what is ineffable”.The Local Motus Christi Kids Session is held every Friday at 4:00pm. It began last May 2020 and there are 10 kids who attend constantly. Their ages are between 7 to 11 years old. We discuss with them the topics presented during our International Motus Christi Asia, specifically the ‘Our Father’. We combine the topic with songs, games, showcase their talents and learn to be holy together as one family.