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Trisagio Workshop in New York

By 18 May, 2018August 16th, 2018No Comments
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We share with you the great joy, effort, devotion and enthusiasm of the various Trisagio Workshop groups present in our parishes of Our Lady of Solace-St. Dominic (Bronx) and St. Luke’s (Brentwood, Long Island).

Recently we have had two retreats: the first at the Holy Family Residence in Queens, last abode here on earth of our beloved Father Founder, Fernando Rielo; and the second at St. Luke’s Parish in Brentwood, where our brother Cristóbal Martín is Pastor.

At Holy Family, our fellowship began with a fraternal lunch, followed by a lesson based on the Apostolic Letter written by our Venerable Apostolic Primate on the Idente Trisagio. The Provincial Superior of the United States, Elaine Schenk, and the representative of the Idente Family in this same Province, Dolores Sánchez, together presented an explanation and a reading from the segment on the origin of the Trisagio to Mary, the Ave Joseph, and the Trisagio to St. Joseph.


The members of the workshop shared their testimonies of faith and devotion to this Trisagio, and were encouraged to write letters to the Postulation, dreaming of the future pilgrimage to Rome for the beatification of our Founded Father Founder.

Some time was also devoted to learning some techniques to improve the work of making trisagios. Later the members visited our Father Founder’s study and his room.

Before concluding the retreat, we prayed the Trisagio together in the chapel with immense gratitude and reverence.

At the second retreat, at St. Luke’s, one of the two parishes in the Diocese of Rockville Center on Long Island administered by our Institution, we welcomed Loly Sánchez, who gave us a lesson lending clarity and direction to our project of diffusing the Trisagio in this region of New York. The openness of participants and the simplicity of the lesson gave rise to great expectations, as well as helping to resolve a number of questions. We concluded by expressing our impressions, especially the desire to know more about the Trisagio to St. Joseph, and the feeling of responsibility to make our little group grow.

Following these two retreats, in subsequent meetings of the Trisagio Workshop, we organized a new program for the month of May. Members of the Trisagio Workshop, in imitation of the first missionaries sent out by Christ to visit various towns, are going out two by two to visit the homes of parishioners to explain and recite the Trisagio together with families and their invited friends and relatives.
This new program of diffusion was inaugurated on the first Wednesday of May with a solemn procession to St. Luke’s Church, carrying a large solemn Trisagio made for the occasion by our sister, Juana Mendoza. Upon entering the church, we went directly to the small chapel, where we received an explanation of the origin and intentions of the Solemn Trisagio to St. Joseph, recalling as well how, just before the war in Iraq, our Father Founder asked us to pray for peace, addressing St. Joseph, Patriarch of Peace. As we recited the Solemn Trisagio to St. Joseph, we united our intention with the request of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to pray the rosary for peace during the month of May, with special concern for Syria.

After reciting the Trisagio, we shared our impressions, our desire to grow in the Idente charism, and the sure hope that this movement will continue to grow.

Two days later, the first team set out to visit the home of a family, where they explained the purpose of this devotion and the intentions, and recited the Trisagio together. More families have requested visits, which will be carried out on all the Fridays of May. We will conclude the month of visitations with another procession to St. Luke’s, where we will be a larger group praying the Trisagio before the evening Mass.