The Gospel, the way to reach God

On September 28, 29 and 30 the Motus Christi annual retreat took place, this time in the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, Long Island.

A series of talks on the spiritual life were imparted based on the Gospel, such as, “The way of life” and “Approaching our Divine Father”. A great sense of gratitude was perceived for the infinite love and mercy of God toward his daughters. God the Father, while respecting our liberty, encourages us to live holiness in common, leaving all our fears, doubts, worries and the heavy loaded baggage in our hands, which He will convert into heavenly pieces.  Sharing and living together as a family was a very important part for the development and joyous fruits of the retreat.

True joy and tenderness was lived during these days; as moments of re-encounter and nurture for the spiritual life.

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