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Feast of St. Fernando and Idente Family Day

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More than 200 people gathered to celebrate the Feast of St. Fernando and Idente Family Day at St. Luke’s Parish on Long Island on May 27th. We took advantage of the civil holiday on the last Monday in May so that as many people as possible could participate, all of whom were happy to take part in the activities of this day: a spiritual lesson given by the General Superior, Fr. Fernando Real; Holy Mass concelebrated by nine priests from five different countries; a large lunch and an athenaeum.

The entire community of missionaries of New York was present, and many acolytes participated in the solemn Mass, echoing the community of the saints, the true disciples of Christ. At the end of the Mass, the Superior of New York, Elaine Schenk, addressed a beautiful message to all the children present, reminding them that they are the favorites of our Heavenly Father, and asking that during the day each one approach an adult to bless him or her.

Fr. Fernando reminded those present of the importance of recognizing our Heavenly Father as the origin of human life, of listening to His word in the human spirit, and of following His will despite the limits and indisposition that arise in the person. Our founding father, Fernando Rielo, was an example in this; going through different moments of his life, he showed exemplarily his deep love and obedience to our Heavenly Father, in all the projects of his life, despite his limitations.

Among the attendees there was a deep affection for the person and work of our founder, for the missions of the Institution, and for the missionary work carried out in New York. They showed support and great generosity in the donations for our missions, and in the number of volunteers who prepared the decorations, the food, and the athenaeum, so that this day could be beautiful for all. They also showed their missionary commitment to live and make known the charism of our Founder.