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Motus Christi for adults in Bologna (Italy)

By 3 March, 2020January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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On Sunday, February 16, the Motus Christi for adults was held in Bologna at the Corpus Domini sanctuary. About thirty people from Milan, Busseto and Bologna participated. Our married sister Letizia Calanchi gave the spiritual lesson on the proverb of our Father and Founder “If you came to understand that you come from Heaven, you would know how to walk on earth”, leading us to reflect on how important it is to refer to the Gospel and to live as children of a Father who accompanies us in life.
The love of the Father has in itself the strength and the drive to make us overcome also the pain in the midst of the dense undergrowth of human problems, healing wounds in human relationships.

Following the talk, three groups of communities were formed until the time of the Mass, celebrated by our brother Manuel Vázquez, Rector of the Corpus Domini Shrine, which is governed by our Idente Institution. After the Mass there was a lunch in which we enjoyed a family moment, with details of generosity, simplicity and gratitude.

We are certain that the retreat was a great moment of personal renewal with strength of spirit and Christian communion. We felt a common desire to continue to deepen our understanding of the Idente charism.

This Motus Christi is part of all the activities that take place in the Corpus Domini Shrine, administered by a community of Idente missionaries, holding Gospel encounters for youth and adults, spiritual assistance and Motus Christi for youth and adults.