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Motus Christi in family, Peru

By 16 December, 2019January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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On December 1, it took place in the Caserío de Fray Martín of the Parish of Our Lady of the Amazon. To get to the farm, we had to go by boat.

It began with a prayer to deepen this time of Advent and prepare our hearts for the encounter with Christ. We talked with families about the person of Christ and how he can help us solve our difficulties.

The weddings of Cana, Zacchaeus, Martha, and Mary, and the lamp of the body, were taken as examples. At the end, in a very simple way, the participants shared the teachings that the Gospel was inspiring them.

The most beautiful thing was that this Motus Cristi taught the families how to solve conflicts in the light of the Gospel. At the end we shared a snack and said goodbye to the local families. Everyone was very welcoming to us in an atmosphere of simplicity, full of people warmth.