Motus Christi of teenagers in Yaoundé

On Easter Monday, 13 teenagers arrived at the residence. Members of Idente Youth and students of catechesis, lived their first retreat with seriousness and responsibility.

They respected “the fast of the telephone” and they had disposition and great opening. We saw the film of St. Paul, receiving the passionate zeal of the Apostle. Moments in the chapel, songs, conviviality and joy, that’s how the Motus Christi ended.

Our sister Yvette gave a testimony expressing her gratitude towards those who transmitted their faith to her from childhood. Several girls expressed in the charismatic touch, that they had never spent such a charming moment, feeling as a family and with the ability to approach others without prejudice.

We were struck by their openness to each other, without forming groups. For most it was their first retreat and their desire is to repeat the experience.

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