Monsignor José Bolivar, auxiliary bishop of Cuenca (Ecuador), interested in the Idente Mission Ecuador

By 28 October, 2019November 4th, 2019Ecuador

Last Friday, October 18, Monsignor José Bolívar Piedra, auxiliary bishop of Cuenca-Ecuador, shared a dinner with some missionaries of common life, with married missionaries and with members of the idente family of this city.

The dinner took place in a family and fraternal atmosphere. During the conversation some apostolic possibilities were discussed, among which it was highlighted the possibility of taking Idente Mission Ecuador to the Province of Azuay (whose capital is Cuenca).

Monsignor Bolívar was very interested in the Mission that takes place during Holy Week, as an option to accompany the communities that do not have the presence of a priest for the priest services.

The enthusiasm of the idente family and the support of Monsignor Bolívar for our activities, like the Gospel group that takes place every week, is a sign that soon our mission in this city will be consolidated. 

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