The Virgen del Cisne, the Churonita, from Loja (Ecuador), now has her own house in Palma de Mallorca

The Parish Church of San Agustín in Palma de Mallorca dressed up on the third Sunday of Easter to receive the image of the Most Holy Virgin of the Swan, an advocation of enormous veneration not only in Loja and Cuenca but throughout Ecuador and which dates from the late sixteenth century, when it is also the precious carving work of Diego de Robles.
Numerous Ecuadorians live in Mallorca and although every year in summer they celebrate a feast in honour of the Virgin of the Swan, until now they did not have any church where the image of Mary was stable under this advocation. An image so longed especially by the Lojanos who live far from their land and by all Ecuadorians in general.
After the Sunday Eucharist, Fr. Francisco Gallo, an idente missionary who has lived in Ecuador for years and who is currently the rector of St. Augustine’s Parish, presided over an act of blessing of a beautiful image of the Virgin of the Swan in the presence of a large group of Ecuadorians. Afterwards, the image was transferred to the chapel where it was enthroned.
Afterwards, a toast took place in the parish halls in which the president of the association of the Virgin of the Swan in Mallorca, Francisco Oscullo, and his wife thanked us for our welcome. Carmen Fernandez, Delegate of the Identes missionaries, in the name of the Id Institute thanked the presence of the Ecuadorian community and expressed her joy that the parish of St. Augustine is the meeting place of the Ecuadorian people with Mary.

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