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In Thailand reminiscence of Fernando Rielo’s life

By 28 September, 2017Idente Family, Thailand
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Monthly encounter of Idente Family was as always a beautiful time of being together for all us in Chiangmai. We celebrate the Idente Family gathering every forth Sunday of the month and it is slowly becoming a tradition. The gatherings are coordinating alternatively by our sister Yotsaya and our brother Thinnakorn. In these gatherings we are slowly introducing themes of spirituality and different aspects of our Charism. In the meeting we had on the 24th of September our brother Thinnakorn presented the life of our founding father Fernando Rielo in Thai language. Later, the recent video on our Founding Father’s life was presented with some Thai translation.

While the elders attend the conference, kids and teenagers had separate activities suitable to them. So that the monthly encounter of Idente Family may give opportunity to the growth of Idente Youth as well. After the meeting we shared some food that the families had brought and enjoyed together with karaoke songs.  The members of the FI expressed their gratitude and hope that these monthly gatherings will grow sooner and our charisam will be known more and more all around…