60th Anniversary Celebration and entry into common life in Malaga (Spain)

Last June 29, in the Delegation of Malaga (Spain) we had the joy of celebrating the LX Anniversary of the Foundation of our Institution in the Parish of San Gabriel de la Ciudad. On the occasion of this act, there was also the ceremony of entry into common life of our sister Mª Carmen Martín Astorga who begins, in our Institution, to travel this path of sanctity to which we are all called.

The Mass was presided by our brother Amadeo Giménez Serrano and concelebrated by two other priests, Andrés and Miguel, acquaintances and friends of the Institution. Our brother Amadeo referred in his homily to the great Love that our Heavenly Father has for us and our mission is to show with our own lives this story of love.

Our sister Paloma Suarez, Provincial Superior of Andalusia, accompanied and took the words and the wish of our sister Maria Carmen to be part of this great family as an idente missionary.
Numerous people attended, among them her relatives and friends. There was also people from the choir of the Parish and the University Pastoral of Malaga, as well as members of the Idente Family.

The whole ceremony took place in a family atmosphere of recollection and deep joy. It was a great feast where, undoubtedly, our beloved Founder was contemplated from heaven, blessing us with his paternal smile.

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