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An evening dedicated to our Heavenly Father in Javier (Spain)

By 7 May, 2018January 14th, 2019No Comments
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Every year, on the last Sunday of April, Idente missionaries celebrate the day of the Heavenly Father, as the wish of their founder, Fernando Rielo Pardal. On Sunday, 29th of April, the Identes missionaries of Javier, Navarra celebrated a family athenaeum dedicated to our Heavenly Father, where about 30 people participated.

According to the festival, all the Athenaeum was dedicated to the Father through songs, poems, musical compositions and a little play. It was enriched by various thoughts of Pope Francis and Fernando Rielo about the Heavenly Father. The act ended, with a song, written by an Idente missionary, dedicated to the Heavenly Father and with the delivery of some proverbs of Fernando Rielo.

It was an evening of great joy and cordiality among all the assistants, which served to strengthen the bonds of friendship that unites them and to become aware of their divine filiation.