News of joy and hope from San Pedro and San Pablo University parish in Soa

As every month, we publish the letter of Fr. Efrén Blanco, provincial superior of the idente missionaries in Cameroon, to all the friends and benefactors of the idente mission, explaining the progress of the construction of the Soa University parish and a summary of the apostolic activity of the month.

University parish Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul                     Soa-Cameroun Yaoundé, 31 Mai 2018

Dear friends and benefactors:

This month we have a bunch of news for you. As for the works of the church, they advance on the side of the sacristy, altar, chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and the columns. Like the previous year, the town of Salteras has mobilized with the Solidarity Rake, which gives us an immense joy.

On the other hand, this month, we had our friend Cecilia with us: she met the idente missionaries in Istanbul, when she lived there with her husband Roland, now deceased (as we shared in a previous sheet) and they are enthusiastic collaborators of our church. He was visiting the church works and participating in our Sunday Mass in Soa.

On May 11, in Soa, we had the Easter Concert of the Choir San Pedro and San Pablo: it had a lot of young audience attendance and was of a considerable artistic height. A part of the concert was dedicated to pray for the new church, with the model. In Soa we also had the Idente Youth Olympics.

In Yaoundé we have celebrated a Retreat with those young people who feel called to live the path of holiness in common, as aspirants to Idente Missionaries. Likewise, on May 1 we celebrate the traditional day of families, in which we share with adults and children a whole program of activities that includes a film that then serves us for dialogue, games, food and Holy Mass.
Count on our prayers and we thank you for the interest and dissemination that you are giving to our activities.

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