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Painting at the service of medicine: El Gurugú School of Painting (Constantine)

By 2 October, 2019January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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At the beginning of the 1970s, Fernando Rielo, who was already beginning to have an important hospital experience, told his spiritual children that he had suggested putting modern paintings in the operating rooms, placing a vase of flowers at the entrance…, all this with the aim of humanizing a space that is undoubtedly reached by force, and not infrequently, with great fear.
Now, Carmen Meléndez in charge of her students at the “El Gurugú” painting school, linked to the Fernando Rielo Foundation, with headquarters in the idente monastery La Victoria de San José de Constantina, has put art at the service of humanism in the waiting room of the children’s pavilion of the High Resolution Hospital of the Sierra Norte, in this beautiful Sevillian town.

The motif chosen for the decoration of the waiting room has been called “Enchanted Valley”. A huge “Doctor Rabbit” walks through the door to the children who have to come in for consultation.

A beauty, as can be appreciated in the images, in which, once again, in a collegial and enthusiastic way children and adults, students of this school have been involved in a work that we can also call solidary. A big thank you to everyone for this good work that impregnates the director and the students of the painting school “El Gurugú” and that does not cease to give satisfactions.

This room was inaugurated last October 2nd.