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Family Day in Yaoundé

By 17 March, 2018No Comments
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The Idente Missionaries from Cameroon have carried out the traditional “Family Day” on the occasion of Youth Day in Cameroon the 11 February. It is an activity that allows to accompany, reunite, and continue the formation of families of the Sainte Famille d’Elig-Assiga parish and the Soa university parish.

The day began with the screening of the film “La Cabaña” or “El camino del perdón”, which is based on the novel “The Shack”, which provoked an interesting dialogue in the groups of parents and young people, that were developed separately. They spoke about forgiveness and trust and intimacy with the Divine Persons.

This film, which deals with the problem of suffering, gives much peace, for the goodness of God the Father who is represented in an original way. They felt touched by the proximity of the Most Holy Trinity and for the consolation that they want to give us in each moment. They spoke of forgiveness and total abandonment, realizing that in every moment of their life God was present, and always will be.

After this work in groups, the food was shared in an atmosphere of trust and closeness and the Day was closed with the celebration of the Holy Mass.

One of the joys of this day is that new couples, who have married in recent months and who have been prepared to receive the sacrament of marriage, are incorporated.