This beautiful project, recently named « San Miguelito monastic complex » by the President of the Id Institute, Father Jesus Fernandez, consists of group of buildings previously used as the agriculture middle school boarding school with a capacity for 160 people. This « monastic complex » has facilities for activities, meetings and a church dedicated to Our Celestial Father, also the head of the rural parish of Saint Francis Xavier (Diocese of San Ignacio de Velasco).

The objective is to transform this place into an international center for prayer, work, education and research in the different areas of knowledge and human activity, and in the context of the Gran Chiquitania, where we find the Jesuit and Franciscan missions of the 18th and 19th centuries, the best preserved in the Americas and declared world heritage by UNESCO. The activities already in progress are:

  • Motus Christi Retreat: specific to Idente missionaries, and for youth and adults, to encourage meeting Christ, both for those who know Him already and those who have distanced themselves for the Church.
  • Training programmes for children and youth: camps, meetings, artistic and sport activities, Idente Youth association for all of Bolivia, and especially for the children and youth in the area.
  • Idente Family meetings: with adults from all over Bolivia, focusing on the development of their faith.
  • Meetings of religious leaders from the rural communities of the Diocese.
  • Classes, seminars and diverse workshops in various fields of knowledge.
  • Project for the International School of Integral Therapy: Center for medical, psychiatric, psychological and environmental research to analyze the causes of the lack of integral health and to implement adapted therapies for patients and the most pressing physical, psychological and spiritual disorders of the world today.

Two Idente missionary sisters and two brothers are currently in charge of the mission with seven employees who take care of the livestock farm and the maintenance of the facilities.

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