Baptism and first holy communion at 82

By 3 August, 2017Africa, Cameroon

“All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23), Christ said to the father of the one possessed by an unclean spirit. And Christ continues to work miracles. Her name is Mama Lydie and she is from Yaoundé, Cameroon (Africa). She has spent a lifetime struggling to support her six children, since she became a widow at a very early age. She did everything she could to support her numerous family: working from sunrise to sunset in the fields, fighting in the world of trade, etc … She does not know very well how many grandchildren she has, but at least about thirty. One of them, Natalie, a friend of the Holy Family Parish and the mother of several children, was the one who told us these biographical facts about her grandmother.

Everything finally happens in this life, like the great day planned by Providence: Friday, April 21, 2017. Mama Lydie, as she is known, received her Baptism and her First Holy Communion from the hands of Father José Manuel Conde, idente missionary, and a privileged witness of such an uncommon event. It is clear that “you have to be born again,” as Nicodemus said, and Lydie confirms with her spirit that she was reborn last Easter.

From Cameroon, Jose Manuel simply tells us, with the naturalness of one who lives only for God: “Lydie is now very happy living with her sacraments.”

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