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Young Germans discover among the trees the call to holiness. Zinnowitz

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“Do you want to be a saint?” “Yes!” Was the spontaneous and determined response of one of the 250 youth who discovered the “country of the idente missionaries” during their journey throughthe paths of justice; theme of the annual meeting of the youth of the diocese of Berlin-Germany, that took place from 15 to 17 June on the island of Zinnowitz.

Through a great gymkhana, these youth came to know different realities of the local church that, after an introduction, introduced the young people to the proper way of living justice and sanctity. The forest in which the activity was carried out was perfect for the idente missionaries, because it was very similar to Valsaín, a forest in which the Heavenly Father invited Fernando Rielo to be a saint, when he was 16 years old. Through a game, the idente missionaries invited the young people who passed by to “decipher” this same message among the trees: “be perfect as the Father who is in heaven is perfect” (Mt 5,48).

During this tour the boys also looked for a wooden stick as straight as possible (their own justice), which in the end was transformed into a “more” by another stick. Letting Christ cross his human measure of justice, they formed a cross that they could take home. The idente missionaries exhorted them, in concrete things that each of them wrote before the search, to transform their own form of rigid justice, in the justice of the Father, which goes much further: it is “more” than our little justice.

Beautiful sign of a Church in departure was the group of young immigrants, largely Muslim, who participated in the whole meeting. A young Iranian was very touched by the proposed dynamic and, before leaving the “country of the missionaries” said: I am not a Christian, I am a Muslim, but I carry this cross as a souvenir. Thank you!