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This home, managed by the Idente Missionaries (brothers and sisters) since 1984, is one of the places promoted by the Bishop of Abancay, in the region of Apurimac, Peru. Its mission is to offer suitable accommodation, excellent sanitary conditions, food and a good personal, professional and spiritual training, to 40 young boys from the ages of 8 to 18 years old who are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, some orphans or from broken families. Each year, from January until 15th February, the parents or guardians submit their request to the management of the home. They know that the children will be accepted into a home where they will also benefit from a middle school with a better education as compared to the one in their own village.

The middle school places a lot of attention on the personal and spiritual training of its children and adolescents, seeking to give them self-confidence and foster values, where the youth can develop their talents in all areas. It is also important to encourage them in their primary and secondary education and to reinforce their written and oral expression so that they acquire the habit to read, and are encouraged to pursue a university education or professional training after their secondary training.

The needs are not only for food, child care and maintenance of infrastructure, but also for the computer laboratory, constant updating of the library with quality books and recent teaching materials, and film projection equipment.

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