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Inauguration of the San Alberto Hurtado parish in Peñalolén, Chile, by the idente missionary Marcos Santibáñez

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The San Alberto Hurtado de Peñalolén Parish, Chile, has been entrusted to the Idente missionaries, and the inauguration will take place on Sunday, April 15. It will be the vicar of the eastern area, p. Manuel Paz, who will preside over the celebration with the new parish priest, p. Marcos Santibáñez M Id. The parish also has the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Enrique Alvear Community.

The church is located on 10 Oriente Street with 1 South, in the Tobalaba Park of the Peñalolén Commune. It is a modern, large church with a capacity for 300 people, in which there is an active presence of children, youth and families. It has lounges and sports court, in front there is a square. This parish that has as patron the second Chilean saint, canonized by Benedict XVI in 2005. It was founded in 2010. It will be a great celebration for the whole parish community!