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The Idente Missionaries’ involvement in the pastoral work of the Diocese of Saitama, Japan

By 31 May, 2023June 3rd, 2023No Comments
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On Sunday, April 16, two teenagers and three children received their First Communion at the parish of Tsukuba (Diocese of Saitama, near Tokyo). These children and young people, members of Spanish-speaking families, have been preparing for months to receive this sacrament with their catechist Marisa Tsuchida, a missionary from Tokyo.
The Mass was celebrated in a very warm and joyful atmosphere, with the participation of parents, family members, and members of the community. The priest, Fr. Juan Haidar, emphasized in his homily that Jesus is the best friend one can have and that we must take care of that friendship. Afterwards, a party took place at one of the families’ homes, where delicious Peruvian food was shared, and songs were performed by the children and their catechist.
It is important to highlight the significance of celebrating the sacraments as a sign of Christ’s presence in a society like Japan, where the number of Catholics is so scarce. Parents are undoubtedly instruments of God for the transmission of faith, and the Idente missionaries collaborate with them in this beautiful task.