Procurator general Fr. Fernando Real visits  Thailand

By 7 June, 2018June 15th, 2018Idente news, Thailand

Last May 22nd we received in Chiang Mai the pleasant and always comforting visit of the procurator general Fr. Fernando Real M.Id, coming from New York.

After resting from the long trip, he joined the activities of the province with the daily mass at 6.30. We received our dear brother Fernando with gratitude to our Heavenly Father and to the superiors, for his presence that always helps and comforts us at a distance when he is far away and now directly in this visit with his example of order, discipline, study and holiness in the daily life. Our brother Fernando thanked our words and spoke to the young people on behalf of our President, for his honesty and perseverance. After the Holy Mass we had dinner fraternally at the sisters’ house.

On Friday the 25th, in the morning prayer, we addressed some farewell words to our dear brother Rueangdet, who returns to the United States to continue his studies. Afterwards, Fernando gave a small talk. Then, we received the visit of a young Italian we have met and who is in search, thus our general procurator oriented him to read the gospel, pray the Trisagio and help the young people participating in meetings of the family idente.

On Saturday the 26th we traveled to Wiang Pa Pao to have a Motus Christi with the children and young people who normally live there, about 120 students, mostly Catholics. Fr. Fernando spoke about Pope Francis’s document on holiness, in such a simple way and with so many examples, that everyone understood it from the smallest of 9 years to those over 19 years old and even some professors who were present . After answering groups of students about three issues about their spiritual experience and taking lunch with ice cream included, we met again at the church so that they would share their opinions with everyone. Then two young people expressed their testimony and experience about the life of holiness and our charism. Afterwards we celebrated the mass and a young woman gave thanks on behalf of all the students for the interesting talk received for their spiritual life.

After this beautiful apostolic activity, hopefully very fruitful, we prayed the Sábato in the chapel of the residence with the sisters and then we had dinner together, as we do every Saturday. On the 27th as every Sunday after the Idente Memorial, we celebrate the morning Sunday Mass, presided over by our dear brother Thinnakorn, with a beautiful homily on the Most Holy Trinity, concelebrated by our Procurator General, Fernando and our brother Francisco.

After a snack, we had the gospel group as every last Sunday of every month, this time more numerous and participative than usual, while our sister Yotsaya was teaching the catechesis to the children. After  we had lunch in the residence of the brothers, and invited two new young people to the house.

After our family lunch, we prepared for the Idente Family talk, given by fr. Fernando, starting with the letter to Ephesians 1: 3-4, related to the document of Pope Francis, but in relation to family life in a life of daily sanctity. Then we had dinner with the food that the members of the family had prepared.

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