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“The most generous wins!”. Winter days in Santiago de Chile

By 31 July, 2018January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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During this winter vacation, the idente missionaries from Santiago de Chile, together with some young volunteers, organized the Winter Days in our parish of San Alberto Hurtado, in Peñalolén. From July 17 to 20 a space was created for the children of the sector to relate to each other in a healthy way and knowing the values of Christ.
After an initial prayer around the statue of San Alberto Hurtado, there were drawing workshops, cooking, crafts, painted faces; sports activities, Gimkana circuits and games. In all these activities the children made their best effort to live the virtues, since they did not reward the fastest, but the most generous of them.
On the last day, the children made themselves costumes with recyclable materials, for a spectacular parade where they wore them proudly. The days ended with the award of an Idente Youth Diploma to each of them, for their dedication and participation during these days.
They were very intense days, where we felt our heart beating deeply, for having shared moments of listening, learning of the innocence of children, fellowship, teamwork and the joy that comes from living the same feelings and values of Christ.