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The Pope in Chile speaks the language of the youth

By 23 January, 2018January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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Three representatives of Idente Youth Chile attended the meeting that Pope Francis held with the youth in the Temple of Maipú, a very important place for the country, since it was there that the first temple to the Virgin of Carmen was erected, after the parents of the country entrusted her the triumph of the last battle, to achieve the independence of Chile.

To the sound of the cry “this is the youth of the Pope!” and after the welcome given by a couple of young people, Pope Francis began his words highlighting the place where we were, to say that “Without love to your homeland, you can not love God … you have to love the mother country. ”

Throughout the meeting he encouraged us to maintain the “connection” with Jesus, with a language very close to young Chileans, some of the ideas were:

-“The heart of young Chileans dreams, and dreams big, except those who did not get off the couch. Drop them fast!, and put the shoes on them ”

-“The Church has to have a young face, and that you have to give it to us … It’s up to us to help you to be coherent with what you say”

-“Faith grows but after a while on the road there are moments when without realizing it, it begins to go down, and we begin to lose our connection with Jesus, without a battery. When we are left without this “connection”, many feel that they have nothing to contribute and remain as lost ”

-“Never think that you have nothing to contribute or that anyone needs you:” A lot of people need you and you must think about it “… That thought, as Hurtado liked to say,” is the advice of the devil ”

-“And Hurtado’s password to reconnect, to keep the signal is very simple:” What would Christ do in my place? ”

In each of the youth of Idente Youth remains the joy and excitement of the meeting, along with the commitment to maintain the connection with Jesus, and particularly the “password” to reconnect: “What would Christ do in my place?”