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An online book club in times of pandemic

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In this time of pandemic in which the school is done by distance, and we can see our friends only through a screen, the missionaries of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (Ecuador) together with some teachers of the Idente Youth, have created an “Online Reading Club”: a space where, through reading, young people relax a little, and, in a climate of familiarity and trust, share ideas and reflections on some books.  

The book chosen to start this great adventure was “The Little Prince”. After introducing its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, questions of reflection were asked about the first chapters, relating them to experiences of the life of every one. Melany Paladines, teacher of the Idente Youth, said about the book that “many times we go through life in a hurry, and we don’t pay attention to the small details of life, we observe little, and with little creativity… just like the image of the snake that everyone thought was a hat”. The meeting concluded with the impressions of each of the participants. 

The young people were very happy, because it has also been a different way for them to make the most of their time, and take a book instead of standing in front of a screen all day. The meetings will take place once a month.