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The Three Wise Men visit our New York Parishes

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On January 8, Their Majesties, the Three Wise Men, visited our four New York parishes: Our Lady of Loreto, St. Luke’s of Long Island, and St. Mary’s and Our Lady of Consolation parishes in the Bronx. There was great enthusiasm and anticipation. Everyone had been looking forward to this visit for a long time.

Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar solemnly entered during the Sunday Masses in each church. In the parishes of the Bronx they were greeted before the expectant eyes of young and old, waiting to hear the message brought by the Kings. In the parish of St. Luke’s, on Long Island, they were received with songs and applause after each King’s greeting full of hope and peace, encouraging all present to live as children of the Father, brothers of Christ, and temples of the Holy Spirit.

After the ceremonies, a reception was held in honor of the guests, and everyone shared a cup of hot chocolate, and the “roscón de Reyes”, as well as countless treats that were made possible, thanks to the help of the Idente Family, and our parish community. In the parishes of Our Lady of Loreto and St. Dominic, the Three Kings also gave gifts to children, young and old.

At St. Luke’s parish, the children’s movie “The Star” (2017), about the first Christmas, was screened and a raffle of toys and candies was held. The whole afternoon was a true encounter of lively and effective catechesis on the meaning of Christmas, and flooded all those present with joy.

The event had a special meaning for everyone; children and adults renewed the experience of this beautiful tradition of the Magi, who represent all the spiritual graces that the three Divine Persons grant to each one of us, at all times.