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First Conference for Altar Servers

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The 11th of November, 2023, was a historical day of the Province of the Idente Missionaries in the United States. The Province held its first altar server conference in Our Lady of Loretto Parish. There were about a hundred altar servers and sixty family members of these altar servers coming from the three different parishes administered by the Idente Missionaries in New York: Our Lady of Solace-St. Dominic’s Parish, St. Luke’s Parish, and Our Lady of Loretto Parish. The altar server conference began with the welcoming of the Pastor of our Lady of Loretto Parish, Fr. Felipe Rufes, M.Id, and of its young adult volunteers. This one-day-long conference conveyed to altar servers the messages of being loyal friends to Jesus Christ, holding the seminars, eucharistic adoration, the Mass, and testimonies. After the conference, one of the altar servers said that his favorite moment was the Eucharistic adoration. One parent of an altar server commented that he was so happy that altar servers from the different parishes spent time with each other. We pray that this altar servers’ conference will bear fruit so that the loyal friendship of altar servers with Jesus may remain their motivation to serve in the Mass.