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Children from 5 to 11 years old pray and read the Gospel. Santo Domingo, Ecuador

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“Let the children come to me. Following this invitation of Christ, twelve children between the ages of 5 and 11 gathered in a video conference to read Sunday’s Gospel together. Five minutes before the meeting began, the children began to connect, and you could see in their faces curiosity, joy and a great desire to learn.

The meeting began with twelve angelic voices praying the Lord’s Prayer. Then, thanks to the creativity of the four Idente Youth teachers who prepared the activity, some games were played, and an animation video about Sunday’s Gospel was played. Then they spent 5 minutes in prayer, the gospel was briefly explained, and each one of them shared their reflections with great spontaneity.

Something they liked very much was to have made a craft about the Gospel they heard: a circle similar to a coin that had two sides, on which they drew, on one side, their experiences of the things of God, and in the other, the things of the world (or of Caesar, as the Gospel says). It was very beautiful to see such young children confidently open up the Gospel, and through it, to the voice of God.