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Idente Missionary Br. Loyce Selwyn Pinto Installed as Acolyte, Inspiring Others to Pursue Their Vocation

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Loyce Selwyn Pinto, an Idente Missionary from the province of New York, was recently installed into the permanent ministry of Acolyte at Santa Maria Church in the Bronx on Saturday, March 11th, to the delight of the Idente community. The ceremony was led by Bishop James Massa, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn, and the Rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary, Dunwoodie, New York. The mass was by many esteemed guests, including Fr. Fernando Real, M. Id, General Superior of the Idente Missionaries.
During his homily, Bishop Massa highlighted the significance of the ministry of acolyte, which he noted is an important step towards priesthood. He went on to explain that Christ chooses us not because we are unworthy, but because He can work through our unworthiness. Bishop Massa drew a parallel between the Samaritan woman and how Jesus meets us in our unworthiness.
Moreover, he emphasized that Br. Loyce’s talents and life can quench people’s desire for self-direction, self-knowledge, and perfect unconditional love. The bishop concluded his homily by urging Br. Loyce to turn his prayer into a meeting place between his thirst for God and God’s thirst for him. Bishop Massa noted that it is only through the meeting of these two loves that one’s life will be truly worthy.
The whole church was filled with an atmosphere of joy, and many altar servers were present, as most of them had been directed and formed by Br. Loyce as part of the School of Altar Servers. Everyone was proud to witness Br. Loyce take such an important step towards priesthood. Br. Loyce himself was overwhelmed with joy, and he expressed that the entire celebration reminded him of the many blessings he has received as an Idente Missionary. Sharing this special moment of his installation as an acolyte with his parish family was a beautiful experience for Br. Loyce. He hopes that his celebration may inspire others to follow their own vocation and find the same sense of joy and purpose that he has found in his own journey.
The event was a proud moment for the parish family, and everyone was proud to see someone they knew take such an important step towards priesthood. Br. Loyce’s installation as an acolyte was a beautiful and inspiring celebration that demonstrated the power of faith, love, and community.