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New York celebrates the annual “Idente Family Day”.

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The feast is a precious gift that God has given to the human family.

(Pope Francis)

The entire Idente Family of New York gathered on May 29 at St. Luke’s parish to celebrate the annual Idente Family Day, which is traditionally celebrated on Memorial Day, a civil holiday in the United States that falls close to the Solemnity of Pentecost and St. Ferdinand’s Day. As young and old alike boarded the bus and cars for this large gathering, there was a great sense of enthusiasm and family spirit among the parishioners of our parishes in New York.

It had been suspended for the past three years due to the recent pandemic, so the return of this annual gathering of the Idente Family was long awaited. The day began with a spiritual lesson, followed by Holy Mass, a picnic, an art athenaeum, and ended with some family games. Elaine Schenk, superior of our New York community, set the tone for the day with the spiritual lesson, in which she recalled the significance of the feast of Pentecost and the name day of our founding father for our Institution. He also spoke of unity as a true gift of the Holy Spirit. This indispensable gift is a testimony of the presence and action of the Divine Persons in us and with us; in our families, in the Church, and in our Institute, enabling us to carry out our mission in the world. Our Superior General, Fr. Fernando Real, presided at the solemn Mass, together with eight other priests.

A spirit of joy filled the beautiful open spaces of the parish grounds, marked by mutual service and unity. One of the most beautiful moments was the presentation of a new song dedicated to Fernando Rielo, written by Jonathan Perez, and sung by the choir of St. Dominic Parish. The song is called “Se siente…”. Everyone was delighted to hear and sing it.

It was an important occasion to deepen and live the Idente charism; to promote and expand the Idente Family, and to strengthen the unity among the families. It was a moment of encounter and joy for all.