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Celebrating the Centenary of Fernando Rielo: Scholars and Experts Gather at St. John’s University for Academic Conference

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Renowned scholars and individuals who had direct contact with Fernando Rielo, the founder of the Idente missionaries, gathered at St. John’s University in New York on March 24, 2023. This academic conference, sponsored by the Institute for International Communication, was part of the worldwide celebrations commemorating the centenary of Fernando Rielo’s birth (1923-2023). The event was marked by an array of engaging presentations and insightful discussions on Rielo’s life, work, and philosophy, making it a true celebration of his legacy.

The welcome remarks were given by Dr. Basilio Monteiro, Director of the Institute; Dean Dr. Luca Landoli; and Monsignor Robert Brennan, Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Marie-Lise Gazarian, author of the book Fernando Rielo: a dialogue in three voices, then took the floor. This “interview-book” is a very natural conversation in which Fernando Rielo talks about his childhood, youth, how his thought model was born, poetry, etc. It was beautiful how Dr. Gazarian shared her personal reflections and experiences with Fernando Rielo.

The conclusion of the proceedings was given by Father Fernando Real, Vice President of the Fernando Rielo Foundation; and Monsignor Luis Miguel Romero, Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre, Long Island. The proceedings will be published online by the university’s Institute of International Communication.

The event included the following presentations: Dr. Glenn Statile, “Rielo’s Metaphysics as a Guidepost to Reality”; Dr. Robert Badillo, “Rielo’s Non-Pelagian Conception of the Human Person”; Dr. Connie Salhanny, “Rielo’s Psychethics: Implications for Modern Psychology”; Dr. Annalisa Sacca, “When Pain Becomes Poetry: Rielo’s Journey to Cathartic Poiesis”; Dr. Elaine Schenk, “Rielian Aesthetics: A Developing Model”.