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In La Paz we grow in holiness in times of coronavirus. Bolivia

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The online Motus Christis that have been taking place have been an immense grace granted by our Heavenly Father!

From the city of La Paz we are living with great joy the lessons of our beloved President, Fr. Jesus Fernandez Hernandez; the testimonies of our brothers; and the participation of each person of different nationalities. We receive every word said in the Motus Christi as truths that our Father in Heaven wants to give us so that we can reflect, look inside ourselves, and strip ourselves of everything that might sadden him, so that we can embrace that holiness to which we are all called to live.

This wonderful gift left to us by our beloved founder, Fernando Rielo, cannot remain for us alone, so many young people, university colleagues, work colleagues, friends, Idente family, couples, parishioners, neighbors, and countless other people have expressed to us their feelings of gratitude, their personal testimony of how the Motus Christi online have helped them in their lives, to grow in spirit and holiness.

The themes treated in the different Motus have come like a ring to the finger in the situation we are living: where fear takes hold of us, we need to hold on to the immense love that our Heavenly Father has for us, to address Him as our Dad, our little daddy, with that tenderness with which He looks at us as his very dear and beloved children that we are.
We are infinitely grateful to our President for letting himself be carried away by the power of the Holy Spirit, and devoting himself body, soul and spirit to giving us the lessons that we all need so much; and to all the team of brothers and sisters who make the transmission of these meetings possible, our sincere thanks.

In the same way we are sparing no effort to provide spiritual help and service to the parishioners of our “Sagrada Familia” parish, and to all the neighbors of the Zone IV Centenary of the capital of Bolivia. Easter celebrations have been broadcast on digital media such as Zoom and Youtube.

Also, with the help of neighbors and parishioners of good will, the celebrations have been transmitted through loudspeakers scattered throughout the area so that everyone can hear it. Every Sunday we carry out this operation to provide the spiritual accompaniment that the parishioners need, and we also receive the same company that they give us through their prayers and requests for advice and Mass intentions for their deceased and sick.